Having an app to promote your band is just as important as having a website. Andromo App Maker for Android introduces new audio features designed to help musicians promote themselves and their music to over 300 million Android users.

New Music Player Activity for Android Apps at Andromo.com

Create an App for Your Band - No Coding

Andromo App Maker for Android is pleased to introduce a new way for bands and musicians to create their own fully-customized Android app in minutes – for free. There’s no coding required, and everything is done online at www.andromo.com, so there’s nothing to download or install. If you can point and click, you can create an Android app.

Having an Android app to promote your band is just as important as having a website. With over 300 million Android devices worldwide and 850,000 new devices activated each day, musicians can’t afford to ignore this huge potential for promoting their music and gaining new fans.

Apps are created and customized by picking and choosing ‘activities’ and dropping them into your app. Andromo’s new Audio Player activity allows musicians to share sample tracks or even full albums, with eye-catching artwork integrated right into the player. With support for all major audio formats, including MP3, MP4 and AAC, music tracks can either be embedded into the app or streamed live from a web server, providing you with significant flexibility in creating your app.

Other activities like RSS/News can be used to automatically update fans on concert dates, album releases, blog posts and other band news. Bands can also include their Twitter feed and Facebook page with mobile-friendly interfaces, and share photos and videos with the Flickr photo gallery and YouTube video activities.

“Since you don’t need to write code to use Andromo, anyone can make an Android app,” says Andromo president Colin Adams. “It’s a great opportunity for musicians to promote themselves. Getting your music into the Android Market puts you in front of hundreds of millions of people instantly. Apps are a real game-changer for the music industry.”

Android Apps created with Andromo can be given away as free promos to keep your current fans happy and hook new listeners. You can also choose to sell your app directly to fans through the Android Market.

To start making your own Android app, visit https://www.andromo.com.

About Andromo App Maker for Android

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