App Monetization: Introducing Andromo Ads

After months of hard work, we are ready to unveil our most exciting update yet – Andromo Ads! This is our very own ad monetization service designed specifically for Apps built with Andromo. Earn more money from ads by requesting to join our App monetization program today. This is not a replacement for Admob. It is a complement to increase your revenue.

Andromo Ads incorporates more than 30 ad networks, and each week we add new advertisers. The larger the ad pool, the better your revenue.

To sign up for Andromo Ads, simply log into your Andromo account and head over to any one of your projects and select ‘Edit Project’.

Select the Monetization tab and scroll to the bottom to the Andromo Ads section. When you find it, click ‘Enable Andromo Ads’ and hit ‘Save’.

It takes 2-3 days to activate your Andromo Ads account. Once activation is completed, you will receive access details, via email, to a separate dashboard with instructions on how to update the apps you want to monetize with Andromo Ads.

Andromo Ads comes with extra perks:

  • Access to a dedicated manager who will help you manage your Andromo Ads account.
  • Net 15 payment

We encourage you to create highly engaging, original content to have the best chances of getting the most out of your Andromo apps. Original content has higher engagement and the more your users open your app, the better your ad revenue. Be sure to check out our latest blog announcing some more new features on Andromo: OneSignal and Rate Us Pop-Up.


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3 Responses

  1. This was a very smart move, guys.I actually tried some of the other networks available but this option would make things much easier and safer for app creators.Good Job!

  2. It is great but I already used it, and there are flood of ads in seconds, please take a look into this, and please take some time for showing one another ad, otherwise is great opportunity for us. Thanks

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