Poll: Your Most Used Activity

By May 25, 2012November 23rd, 2020No Comments

It's all made up of RSS Feed Activities!

Hey everyone, it’s Friday and it’s getting near the end of the day so I decided to pose a quick question on the blog before I packed up for the week. The question, for all you Andromo developers that read the blog, is this:

What activity do you find yourself using the most in your Andromo apps?

I’m not looking for your favourite activity (although you can let me know what that is as well) but the activity that you find yourself adding time and time again.

For me, the answer is answer is pretty easy: it’s the RSS Feed Activity. Perhaps it’s the way I think about Andromo and the apps that I am going to create, but when I’m looking for content to add to my apps, RSS feeds are usually what I look for first.

What about you? What activity do you find yourself reaching for when you build your apps?

For now please leave your answer in the comments, I didn’t have time to install a poll plugin this afternoon, hopefully I’ll be able to get one installed in the future.

Have a great weekend!