Do you want to create the best news app android for your consumers? Well, here is what you need to know.

Digital media has changed how people access and consume news. The growing reliance on mobile phones has pulled consumers away from traditional news sites. Newspapers, radio, tv, and websites are no longer key news points. Over the years, news apps have gained a lot of popularity.

Most people have little time to spend in front of a TV watching news. They would preferably consume local and international news while on the go. Both of these factors have made mobile news apps increasingly popular. Mobile phone users can spend up to 31 minutes on a news app daily.

If you want to develop a mobile news app, Andromo can help you achieve this through our news template.

Why create a news app?

Desktop usage is not going away anytime soon. However, mobile usage has surpassed it with over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. As more people acquire mobile phones, the news app market keeps growing. If you have a news website and would like to increase your reach, there are plenty of reasons for you to create a news app.

1. Enhance user experience

A slow-loading web page can affect your traffic. Most consumers will leave a webpage because if it loads too slowly. About 53% of site visits are cut short because the web page takes longer than three seconds to load. Unlike web pages that rely on web servers, apps store their data locally on mobile devices. This ability to cache data locally ensures that data retrieval is swift. This may seem like a simple feature, but its importance cannot be understated.

2. Control your content

Creating your own app gives you the freedom to choose what content to publish. You are no longer bound to social media, google, or newspapers, so your creativity can run wild. Apps allow you to connect directly to your readers. You can publish relevant and unique content to make your app stand out. By creating a news app, you get a chance to keep your users informed and take them beyond the headlines.

3. Improve user engagement.

Mobile apps give you a chance to engage users regularly. Your presence on their home screen ensures that they have easy access to news. They do not have to search web pages and wait for the pages to load. You can also use push notifications to help grow your traffic.

4. Explore revenue opportunities

Andromo gives you a chance to make money through your news app. You can generate revenue from your publications by displaying banner ads and Interstitial ads.

Sample news apps

There are several news apps on the market. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, here are a few popular news apps to benchmark from:

1. Google news

Google News app for Android gives you access to top daily news. This app pulls news sources from all over the globe giving you access to several sites and publications. You can also save a story or download a publication for later. The app makes a selection of important news pieces.

2. Fox news app

Fox News app for Android gives you access to breaking news alerts, trending news, US and World news, or opinion pieces on politics and entertainment news. You can watch live streams by your favorite fox personalities.

3. ABC 7 news app

ABC 7 news app Android gives you a dose of local, national, and international news, sports highlights, the weather, and entertainment news. Unlike other news apps, it gives you a glimpse at some weird stories, lottery numbers, and horoscopes.

4. BBC news

BBC news radio app for Android brings you news stories through its global network of journalists. The app uses push notifications to notify you of important news stories. With this app, you are free to download podcasts to listen to later and discover live performance videos.

Must have Andromo news app features

Andromo offers a unique selection of features to help you create the best news app android. With our vibrant news template, you can forget about the boring coding stuff and jump right into the fun job of customizing. So what do we offer?

1. Great UX/UI Design

Our news template improves user engagement. We understand that an enticing design is the first step to winning consumers over. Your app will incorporate a user-friendly UX/UI design that is easy to navigate. Your users deserve an optimal reading experience.

2. News categorization

Users often have different interests. Your Andromo-made app allows you to present your news stories in categories. Our RSS feed makes it easier for users to browse different news categories such as entertainment, sports, technology, lifestyle, and science. Users can log in and jump right into their preferred category, without wasting time on searches.

3. Access to different types of media files

Keeping your users engaged with visual images is a great way to keep their attention. Remember, the longer they stay on the app, the better for you. Videos, images, and gifs are a great way of passing on information and keeping people interested.

4. Sharing option

Every once in a while, a user finds a piece of information they would like to share. You can now include a sharing option to let your users share news stories. You can link to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and WhatsApp to give your users a fantastic experience.

Final thoughts.

Getting a good news story isn’t easy. You deserve a chance to share your news stories with the world. The news app market is stool expanding. There is still some untapped potential. And if you play your cards right, you can create the best news app android.