In July we added a couple of exciting new features to Andromo. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new.

1. Live chat powered by Intercom

If you’ve always wondered how you can communicate with your users, worry no more. If you already have an Intercom account, you can go ahead and integrate this powerful live chat messaging system on your Andromo app.

There are limitless possibilities for Intercom enabled apps. With Intercom, you can now build apps that provide real-time customer support, sales support – literally anything you can imagine.

App categories set to benefit the most from live chat integration are sales, marketing, education, and health.

To enable Intercom on your Andromo app, follow the instructions here.

2. OneSignal Push Notifications

With OneSignal push notifications, you can create a rich interactive app experience for your users.

To enable OneSignal on your Andromo app, follow the instructions here.

3. Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics was built for websites, not mobile apps. For that, Google has created a purpose-built solution: Firebase Analytics.

Access deeper app engagement and performance data, create targeted campaigns and fine-tune your marketing and user experience.

Firebase Analytics provides real-time data. You get the results as they happen. To enable Firebase Analytics on your Andromo app, follow the instructions here.