#MWC19 is up to a great and busy start. Our team from Andromo is in Barcelona to bring you all the action.

We’ve already seen some breakthrough launches by big names like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia and more.

Huawei and Samsung are keeping the new folding phones in glass cages like Mona Lisa at #MWC19 pic.twitter.com/YNORREEhaV

— Juris (@JurisAbramenko) February 25, 2019

See the Samsung Galaxy Fold up close.https://t.co/WxyLurOBWd

— Andromo (@andromorocks) February 26, 2019

Nice, but $2,600!? > This #smartphone unfolds into an 8-inch display📱 #MWC19 pic.twitter.com/AVBspPtLl2

— Evan Kirstel at #MWC19 (@evankirstel) February 25, 2019

Pure electricity inside Lenovo’s booth at #MWC19! pic.twitter.com/YaH4KmoOpU

— Lenovo (@lenovo) February 25, 2019

There was also a laughable dual screen phone released by LG. Guys, what were you thinking? Instead of a cutting edge foldable screen, LG literally attached two independent smartphones and called that a foldable smart device – not so wise. The reviewers will have a feast!

#MWC19: Meet LG’s new 5G-ready dual-screen smartphone, the #V50ThinQ. https://t.co/j96uxfkTys
📹: android_perfect pic.twitter.com/QBjQk3qSyG

— HYPEBEAST (@HYPEBEAST) February 25, 2019

5G Buzz everywhere

The race to create new ways to experience the power of connectivity made possible by 5G is fully on. Almost all leading Android brands (Apple is the obvious absentee here) have launched 5G devices. While the technology is still in its early stages of rollout, we can see what the next decade is going to be like.

How cool is this! This is the potential that 5G has for the music industry. These musicians at #MWC19 are performing at separate locations. With a 5G location & low latency there is almost zero delay while playing live. @EricssonMEA #EricssonLive @Ericsson pic.twitter.com/seftl6rB61

— Aki Anastasiou (@AkiAnastasiou) February 25, 2019

Nokia making a comeback

The brand that once dominated the global mobile phone market is pushing hard to make a strong comeback with 5G connectivity and bizarre phone designs.

At #MWC19, @Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri says #5G is here & we have the right strategy — leading in high-performance end-to-end networks w/ operators; select #enterprise expansion; strong stand-alone #software business; enterprise/consumer licensing opps. @ZDNet https://t.co/Zk2TYIJIAO

— Bell Labs (@BellLabs) February 25, 2019

.@Nokia just launched a NEW phone at #MWC19 📱

And it has *five* cameras 🥴 https://t.co/7T2tkwqE62

— Product Hunt (@ProductHunt) February 26, 2019

Virtual reality making strong inroads

#MWC19 @htc @htcvive F1 racing demo
What a real fun ! pic.twitter.com/fW3RRuQZ1G

— 123MULTIMEDIA (@123_MULTIMEDIA) February 25, 2019

A lot of virtual reality gear is on display. We’re anxious to see how developers will create apps to take advantage of all this new hardware.

That’s it for today’s update. Watch out for the next post with many more exciting finds at #MWC19.

Mwenge Ngona

Mwenge Ngona

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