Music is food for the soul

But the times keep changing; it’s the microwave age where everything happens at the speed of thought. Considering such a frenetic pace of events, it isn’t easy to listen to whole music catalogs and only buy those we like. Music streaming has given us new tools to shake up how we listen to music.
Modern technologies provide a seamless user experience that offers music in only a few clicks. Mobile devices and fast Internet-only serve to bolster this trend. In this article, you’ll learn essential details on how to make a music streaming Android app. It’ll cover steps in making the app and important issues like monetization.

Why Does Streaming Music Matter?

Why Does Streaming Music Matter?

Music services now include typical online radio stations and music streaming services such as Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Tidal. These services enable users to enjoy high-quality and accessible sound spots.

But, there are significant reasons why everyone is shifting to these applications. For instance, mobile phones and other portable devices are now more functional than they once were. You can use them for pretty much anything. Phone calls make up a small proportion of the time people spend on their phones.

There’s also a growing reliance on apps since they are what make smartphones rock. If you can think of any need at all, there’s likely an app for that.

Back to music, the global music streaming subscriber base is expected to top 2.81 billion by 2025 on the back of steady growth. There’s huge potential in this market for entrepreneurs if one considers that the streaming app marketplace could exceed $17.5 billion by 2025. Plus, Statista reports that 14 percent of the population now relies on paid music streaming services to enjoy music several times a day. All of these explain why you’ll do well to learn how to make a music player app for Android.

Types of Music Streaming Services

If you’ve been wondering how to make a music app for Android, you may consider these types:

Content Storage

The defining element here is that users get to listen to music from within the app. As the app developer, you can add various songs that users can enjoy at any time.

Music streaming or Radio Stations

Online radio is more popular than ever. You can have several radio stations dealing with specific themes.
Users may stream through your app on their Android device.

How to Make a Music Streaming Android App in 5 Steps

Music streaming apps like Spotify are standard features on smartphones. But, here’s how you can create your music app for Android in four steps:

Step 1 – What are your music app’s primary features?

A music streaming app will typically have standard features such as:
l Music organization – An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes users want to use any app more.
l Music discovery – Users should be able to find new music from your app. A music app should have a stream of new music always.
l Social sharing – Users should be able to create engagement online around the songs they hear on your platform
l Push notifications – How about sharing music from local artists depending on a user’s current location?
l Monetization – You can make a music app using the Andromo music template. You can run ads that users see while they listen to music.

Step 2 – Find a way to develop your music application

It’s crunch time, and you need to develop your app. One way to do this is to use a development team or go DIY if you know how to code. But, neither of these methods would be super-fast. Using a team of developers would undoubtedly cost a lot of money.
A unique approach involves building your app without touching code at all. Andromo is an app development platform that doesn’t require you to know how to code to develop your app. It’s an excellent option to use to build free music apps for Android.

Step 3 – Develop the music app’s UI/UX design

This point is where you determine the look and feel of the app. Developers will typically wireframe, do a mockup, and build a prototype. However, you can have a wireframe, mockup, and prototype.
Andromo provides developers with two templates: “Sounds and Ringtones” and “Music.” Music appeals to deejays who’d love to share their mixes. The Andromo builder allows users to create their app from scratch without knowing a programming language.

Step 4 – Create your audio streaming Android app

At this all-important stage, you decide on all the essential details before you head over to to build and test and publish the app.
The Andromo builder relies on templates. A developer can create apps using the platform’s pre-built templates or build theirs from scratch and begin to test them right away on the Google Play Store.


This article has touched on making a music player app in Android, though with broad strokes.
The music streaming app market is growing, and modern codeless technology like Andromo only makes it easier for anyone to enjoy a chunk of the action. Who knows, your music app for Android could give heavyweights such as Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify a good run for their money. What are you waiting for?