I’ve been asked to highlight a few more features of Andromo by a multiple unnamed people so I thought I would oblige via additional screen shots. If you have anymore questions or would like to see anything that I haven’t highlighted please comment on this blog. Remember that we are still in active development and when you eventually log into andromo.com to create Android apps things will likely change.

The Action Bar

The action bar will show the title of the current activity and when clicked a drop down will appear allowing you to easily jump to any other activity in the app.


Switch activities using the action bar

The colours for the action bar (and almost everything else you see) are all customizable via the Andromo web interface.

Action Bar Colour Settings

Action bar colour settings

The Dashboard

The dashboard (highlighted in my previous post) is the “home” activity for you app. This will show all of the different activities in your app and is fully customizable. Users can get back to the dashboard at any time using the home icon on the action bar.

You can even use different icons

You can add background textures; images; and configure margins and colours in order to tailor your dashboard to you content. We wanted to strike the right balance between customization and simplicity so we streamlined the choices down to the most important and powerful options.

Andromo dashboard settings

Configure your settings online

Andromo dashboard

My dashboard now with more droids

Sharing Content

Users can share content from within your app easily using long-clicks, a button on the action bar, or the options menu. For an example of a tweet from my test app you can visit my (very new) Adromo twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/MarkAtAndromo


Share with others

The About Dialog

The about dialog for my test app, automatically created by Andromo and filled with the appropriate information.

About Dialog

About dialog with information about your app

More to come…but for now I really should get back to programming so that you can check out all the features yourself.