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Holy Banner Choices, Batman! Introducing MobPartner Ads

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With version 3.0.8 of Andromo, we’ve added support for showing MobPartner cost-per-action banner ads in your apps.

Banner ads are small rectangular ads that occupy a small portion of the screen while the user is using the app. They are usually shown at the top or bottom of the screen. These ads are relatively popular with users because they don’t interfere very much with their use of the app.

With version 3.0.8, you can now choose whether to show banner ads served from AdMob, MobPartner, or a mix of both.

Unlike AdMob ads which are cost per click (CPC), MobPartner is an ad network that provides cost-per-action (CPA) ads.

What does cost per action mean?

Cost-per-action ads generate revenue when the end user performs some action, such as signing up for a service or installing an app. Unlike CPC ads, which pay whenever a user clicks on the ad, CPA ads require the user to perform an additional step or “action” in order for you (the developer) to be paid. However, the revenue generated by that action is typically much higher than the revenue generated by a click with other services.

Can I use them along with AdMob ads?

Yes, you can choose whether you want to show banner ads from AdMob, MobPartner, or both in the same app. If you choose to show both, an ad network will be selected randomly by the app each time it shows an activity. (Each banner ad network you select has an equal chance of being chosen whenever an activity is shown.)

Which type of ad is better?

There are several factors which determine which ad network is going to be more effective for your app. In general, the revenue for CPC ads might seem more straightforward – users see an ad, and if they click it, you get a few cents.

With CPA ads, you might see hundreds of clicks without any revenue because the users didn’t complete the required action after they clicked. However, since these actions are exactly what the advertiser wants, the reward can be much higher when they do.

The effectiveness of each ad type can vary from one app to the next. MobPartner provides a wide variety of ads and you may find that you are able to increase your revenue by using ads that are a better match for your app.

Both ad networks also have different restrictions, so you may find that you are able to use MobPartner in an app that would not satisfy AdMob’s terms of use.

More info

You can sign up for a MobPartner account and learn more about the service at