Mobile business apps. App development and monetization. Full text tutorial

Welcome to a guideline on how to develop an app and set a monetization there easily.

Without prolixity, we would like to give you an appetizer in the form of the latest App Annie’s report. App Annie is a company that collects and analyzes mobile data. According to the report dedicated to the second quarter of 2020, there are a few numbers we hope you will be curious about. For the explored period, the amount of time users spend on mobile apps has grown by 40 percent compared to the same 2019 year period. Moreover, the report claims that a monthly time record that users spend on apps was beaten in the second quarter. In April, this index overcame the 200 billions of hours mark.

In the second quarter of 2020, users worldwide have downloaded 34,5 billion of apps, including 25,2 billion from Google Play and 9,3 billion from the App Store. During three months, world cell phone users have spent $27 billion on mobile applications.

These report results lead us to an unavoidable conclusion about mobile applications’ importance and weight in modern society. If you are among those who want to rule and influence global tendencies, you are ready to join the flow and develop your first app. We are here to tell you how exactly you can do it quickly and without putting preterhuman effort.

Conditionally, the process can be divided into three serial steps – the idea, the content, and the app development itself.

Initially, there comes a powerful idea. We are sincerely happy for those who have caught an enormous portion of inspiration, and a principally new application concept has occurred to them. As for the others, you can prepare your brain, create a brainstorming environment by organizing market research, or initiate an opponent’s study. This means you can stream your activity to two directions – discovering what market has to offer and what it lacks, or going backward. In this last case, you spectate niche apps that already exist and find their advantages and disadvantages. Based on this picture, you may create an improved new product that better matches a consumer’s request and solves more of the user’s problems.

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It would help if you also decided which monetization type you will implement in your future app. Today, there exist several options you may offer to your audience. The most sophisticated variant suitable for true world market leaders is a paid app. This means you should explain your app’s value and uniqueness so that a user is motivated to pay you for pressing a download button on your app’s profile on a play market. The opposite is a free app, where you also have some opportunities for enlarging your income level. Specifically, you may add in-app purchases, or – and we would like to stop here and go deeply – implement promotions inside your app and earn from every advertisement run a user sees through your app.

Applications that can be monetized through putting an advertisement inside are called content apps. Thinking about such app’s future fulfillment, we distinguish several content types:


Audio content (a database of ringtones, melodies, sounds of nature, songs, etc.)


Graphic content (wallpapers, photos, splash screens)


Video content (games live streams, video blogs)


Text content (blogs, recipes, news, articles, jokes collections, whatever)

At this stage, you should decide on a content category you would like to work with. Be careful and attentive – the shortest way to succeed is by designing an application based on your passion. Concentrate on a topic that inspires you, choose a direction you feel your expertise about. As they say, make your hobby a job – and you will not have to work a single day.

For instance, you are a housewife. Great, you have a brilliant opportunity to share your personal experience with followers, teach and support them, and earn from this! Try to collect your author’s recipes altogether, and develop a culinary app.

Or perhaps you are keen on yoga. And you know firsthand what relaxation and meditation is. Imagine how many people need a piece of inspiration from you. Imagine how they are continually looking for information like this – and they have no slightest idea yet, that you are dying to share your knowledge with them! In this case, consider fascinating yourself with designing an application that collects calming sounds for various meditation types.

Another situation. You have a child who is highly interested in computer games, so that you have no other choice except to follow his hobby. And it turns out you are 100 percent into the game industry, too. Perfect! Consider creating a niche wallpaper app for gamers! Involve your child; we guess he/she will be happy to help you choose suitable materials.

Let us pick the last example and go further with it to illustrate the process. Gamer wallpaper app it is. When you have decided on the topic, go to Google Play, and study existing market offers. After a defined period, you will conclude that some such apps already exist, and they find a ready market.

Now, it is a good time for the next step – app naming. The app name matters; it influences your position on app lists – in other words, it is about ranking and search results. Choosing an app name, you may use various keyword tools, which are available on the Internet for free. The main criterion is high frequency. On the other hand, keywords you select should not be too competitive – it means, the more popular a key phrase is, the higher a click price becomes.

Finally, you may switch to the most excellent stage – selecting content for your app. This is a creative part; you may use your child (or your inner child, who knows). But seriously, a person under 20 will gladly share a piece of advice with you when it comes to finding out whether an app content is cool, trendy, or vice versa.

And the development part. Andromo platform has a ready-to-use wallpaper template – so you don’t need to waste years on designing things from scratch. All you have to do is choose a wallpaper template and change the content. By the way, we have a recommendation in terms of content sources. Unsplash is a free photos reservoir; try it! Or go classy – search through Pinterest, Google, or stock websites.

After you are done with these steps – congratulations! Your lovely content app is ready to see a big world, to be published in Google Play. Good luck!