Milestone: First Successful Android App Build

By July 13, 2011No Comments

We’re making quick progress now!

After a few issues yesterday with Ant, we were successful in generating the first ever Android app using Andromo.

Of course, we’ve been compiling Android apps for months now using our test suite and local tools, but this was the first time doing it live using the web application on a production server.

We’ve been building using Ruby on Rails (which has been quite the experience – but a topic for another day). It’s been designed to operate on a cluster of servers behind a load balancer, with all the ‘build jobs’ being queued up and handled by background daemons on utility servers. In short, it’s extremely scalable, but there are a lot of pieces.

Bringing them all together and seeing it work for the first time is super cool…

If I knew it was going to work this particular time, I would have called the app something better than ‘test’… Maybe even ‘Hello World’ if I was thinking. But alas, I thought there was still a problem with Ant.

Anyhow – stay tuned for further developments!