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The best small business to start in 2021 for women

A guide through the top 10 most profitable small business ideas for women that suit your time and temperament.

The more you think over the eternal question – how to be a successful entrepreneur with no money – the more lost you may become. If you are over motivated but feel a lack of startup ideas, this article is for you, young lady!

Before you start, ask yourself a few questions. How much time are you ready to spend developing your business? What hobbies do you have, and how can you transform them into business and benefit from them? What are you good at, and what skills do you need for organizing a place with a satisfying income level?

When you are ready with answers, look through the checklist below. And listen to yourself: what echoes the strongest?

Social media management

One of the most apparent multitasking options is managing social media accounts of a company. The beauty of it hides in the necessity of informal communication between the audience and practically every business. Among your tasks will be generating and posting photos, video, and text content, responding to comments, and direct messages. Timing and accuracy are vital here. You may also count and analyze users’ activity on your accounts, engage new customers by targeted advertising, adding leads to CRM software, etc. – depending on a company’s requirements.


Don’t want to work on someone else’s business? Start your own, then! This is a perfect choice for women who want to work from home and have a flexible schedule. You have to create a website and post articles and extra materials on topics you are fascinated about.

After you make sure you have enough devoted followers, you may build an app and integrate your blog into it. Among the best mobile app ideas for women we can name food blogging, mommy blogging, handmade stuff blogging, etc. If you are interested in building an app without coding, we recommend This platform leads a marketplace for a decade; it quickly constructs your ideas and fulfillment into a lovely app.

So, you create a content app, charge it with selected content of your interest topic, and start monetizing it by implementing an advertisement there.

Social media influencing

Those who have at least 100 000 followers on social media are regarded as opinion leaders. People hear them; people listen to their advice; people copy their style and habits. If you feel that a mass audience believes you as an expert in some topics – you may start a business here. Advertisers of matching niches will pay you for mentions in your stories and posts. And again, you may implement your influencer thing into an Andromo based app, become much closer to your audience and multiply your income. On average, influencers earn 1 000 dollars monthly per 100 000 followers.

Nursery and health caring

If you adore helping people – this is your road. You may look after older adults, help them with house routine, and simply make up for their lack of attention. Another possibility is becoming a daytime nurse. It would be best if you were responsible and smart so that adults can rely on you and leave their children with you while they are working or absent because of other reasons. This activity is 100% social and fun.

Transcription and proofreading

If you are extremely good at writing and can intuitively mark and fix errors in an article – here you go! A proofreader is a person that checks texts for grammatical, punctuation, style, and other errors. This position requires attentiveness and general erudition.

Another occupation type is transcribing audio and video content into an accessibly perceived text.

Both these professions are, as a rule, paid hourly.

Travel service

Travel services are an exciting area. You provide clients with the whole spectrum of things they need while traveling. Start from planning a trip, building a route, then create a checklist of places to visit according to a person’s desire, request, and budget. And help with buying air tickets, booking a hotel, choosing museum passes, etc. You may join an agency or work for yourself.

Event management

One of the most common home women businesses to start is event planning. People often have a lack of time and experience in organizing events. You may build a system that simplifies the process and satisfies all clients’ needs, from napkin color to a jazz band technical rider. If you feel the flow – you will never feel exhausted here. Moreover, you can try yourself at wedding management. After a few successful cases, your portfolio will start working on you. As a result – you are free to create your content app devoted to weddings. People will use it for inspiration and mood boarding.


Consider becoming a food entrepreneur. You may concentrate on mono products or cook on special orders (perhaps, even deliver your dishes). Homemade healthy food is trendy, so you can quickly adapt to social demand.

A side benefit hides in building an app with your recipes collection. Here, will help.

Teaching and tutoring

Refer to your hobby list. You can share with confederate your unique skills, knowledge, and experience. Create your course, attract students, and enjoy plunging into your favorite topics.

What can be even more engaging is organizing home classes. You can teach anything from weaving bracelets to baking cupcakes. People will gladly pay for your expertise.

Soap producing

You also may want to dedicate your free time to making organic products. A soap making process is easier than you think. Of course, you should be able to invest. But if you clarify your brand philosophy and values to your customers – the future will be about this business.

Remember: it is always a perfect time for changes. Do not fall into despair if the first try doesn’t correspond to your expectations. The beauty of the 21-st century is its freedom. You may fit in various areas and suits until you meet your perfect business match. Best of luck to you!


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