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How to Make Money from Your Music Hobby with Andromo

You can keep your fan base updated on your new releases through RSS/News. As a bonus, you can also share your Twitter feed and Facebook updates, photos, videos, and YouTube activity through our mobile-friendly interfaces.

Can listening to music be a business? Yes, it can.

Since time immemorial, music has been used to tell stories, express ideas, and evoke passions. As a creative, you may have felt the need to make something musical and timeless. However, most creatives choose to be artists because of their love for music. Making money is rarely a primary concern for them.
1. Andromo enables app monetization for Andromo made apps. You can select an ad network such as Admob or Facebook Audience network to help generate income.
2. Through Andromo, you can host banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads + rewarded videos (coming soon).
3. In addition to this, you can use Andromo to make music apps for your clients. With just a few clicks and your musical know-how, you can create apps for sale.As you can see, Andromo makes it easy to monetize your hobby.
Revenue from music streaming apps is projected to reach $16.3 billion by the end of 2020 and $21.3 billion by 2025. In addition to that, the popular music app, Spotify, is estimated to have beendownloaded 10.57 million times to mobile devices worldwide in June 2020.Now more than ever, it is possible for you to use your music hobby to make money.There is a lot of demand for music apps, especially if they have something new and unique to offer.Thanks to Andromo, you can use your musical genius to make money. All you need to do is:

Create an app

Promote it

Monetize it

Convert your passion into app content.

Are you wondering how to get into music production as a hobby? Or are you simply wondering how to share your talents with the world?Why not make your app?
The global music streaming market is growing steadily and is projected to hit 933.2 million users by 2025. This market is open to app developers who can offer unique music solutions that are not being offered by market giants.There is an increasing demand for music apps with new beats, fun ringtones, relaxing music, sound samples, and special effects.You can modify your app based on your target groups’ age, preferences, lifestyle, etc.

How to get into music production as a hobby with Andromo.

With Andromo, you can create and customize your app by adding activities. We offer lots of helpful features that can help you bring your music and audio sounds to life.Andromo offers an Audio Player that provides helpful features and flexibility. You can share sample tracks, sounds, beats, special sound effects, and albums with listeners worldwide. Andromo supports audio formats such as MP3, MP4, and AAC. Your music tracks can be embedded into the app or streamed live from a web server giving you a measure of flexibility.You can keep your fan base updated on your new releases through RSS/News. As a bonus, you can also share your Twitter feed and Facebook updates, photos, videos, and YouTube activity through our mobile-friendly interfaces.

How to promote your music app.

Music apps have the highest user retention rates compared to other categories. As long as you can get people to download your app, you can get them to stay. Sadly, the app market is saturated. You need to give your app its best chance. You can do this through a smart and consistent marketing strategy.Promoting your music app serves on purpose, making your app visible. There are numerous ways to do this. You need to: In addition to these, you can use a technique known as App store optimization. It makes your app visible in an already saturated app store. You can promote your app by: All these techniques can help you beat your competition and stay visible.

Monetizing your app with Andromo.

Many people ask how listening to music can be transformed into business? Once you build an app, you automatically get a chance to promote other people’s businesses and products.To make money, you will need to place ads on your music app. The more people listen to your music content, the more they interact with your ads and click on them. The more people click on the ads, the more money you make.

How exactly does and promo help you make money?

Can listening to music be a business?

Many music-related apps are getting attractive revenue from ads. You can get a piece of the action by creating a music app and making your hobby profitable. With Andromo, you can create an original and engaging app that allows you to host ads and make money.Remember that;A great app = more subscribers = increased streaming = increased ad impressions = more revenue.We are often faced with two choices, to be passive consumers or creators. If you choose to work with Andromo, you can become the latter.So, if you are wondering how listening to music can be transformed into a business, visit Andromo to learn more.


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