What is ASO?

Discover how an App store optimization helps promote your app and monetize it effectively.Let us begin this article with a definition. In simple words, a process of ASO makes your application visible to users in a marketplace. Initially, it may sound like some mysterious unknown area. We suggest studying the subject and clarifying the app promotion algorithm.
Taking the mad competition among apps into account, you should make an effort to stand out from five million contestants. You should win the casting. Two central problems ASO solves are ranking in the search results list and clicking frequency on your app. To succeed in both, we will particularly consider steps you should make.Before you go practical, you should understand precisely how people are searching for new apps. The most common way is choosing options from the search results list. As far as we know that about 65% of downloads are made directly from this list, your app should be ranked high enough to be noticed. The higher the position is – the more relevant it is perceived by potential customers. Remember your experience: how often do you scroll lower than the top five results? This makes ASO vital for your marketing strategy. Your listing position directly correlates with the number of app downloads.

Though Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play have pretty much in common when it comes to ASO, we would like to stress some differences. For example, an evaluation of keywords is not the same. App Store offers you a specific field for keywords, and word repeating is forbidden. In contrast to that, Google Play counts any text information, including even app names. This means you can use some key phrases several times.What is common for both marketplaces – they appreciate updates. Uploading new app versions indeed influences app ranking.Let us have a look at ranking factors that work for these app stores. What matters for the App Store is your app’s name, URL, subtitles, keywords (of course), rating, reviews, updates frequency, in-app purchases, and downloads. If you have chosen Google Play, add a short and full description as vital factors, too.

What’s the plan now?

As you can see, the marketing power of the ASO is enormous. It can help your app stand out from analogs, become visible, and then trendy. We guess you are now dying to implement this knowledge to practice. With Andromo.com, you can quickly develop apps every day. Forget about coding languages; the platform qualitatively constructs the content and activities into superior applications for you. Save your time, energy, and money. Concentrate on marketing strategies instead. Build a few apps and test drive various app store optimization parts on them. This way, you can come up with your unique recipe for success. Go global, improve your ASO skills. Consider monetizing your products – the more popular they are, the quicker your wallet will be fulfilled.


They usually say, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” What we say is, “it doesn’t even seem impossible, so what are you waiting for, Mr./Mrs. Developer?”


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