Born to be promoted: next steps after publishing an app

Clarify how to promote an app and keep it outstanding.

Obviously, you are keeping abreast of the progress if you have decided to become an app developer. Congratulations to those who have already published their applications on a play market. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is not enough. Your task is providing prolonged success of your products. That is why you should concentrate on responsible and creative app ownership and gingering apps up with promotion.Before we start, you should realize: an app’s headway is never a constant. Developers make efforts on nursing the fire every single day. Honestly, laboring for staying afloat equals struggling to get to the market. There is nothing to be surprised about: trends flow and replace each other with the speed of light; content becomes obsolete; devoted users leave – and new users are reached every day. It proves that your project needs constant attention.
Moreover, an app market is a highly competitive area. Your opponents may be working on niche capture strategies while you are light-heartedly sleeping in a cozy bed under a warm coat. Think about further steps while celebrating your success; keep in mind that there is always a developer that chases you – and vice versa; you may hustle hard while they relax. Anyway, study them, spectate every step of them, notice their issues, and turn them into your opportunities.Know your app’s possibilities by heart, and know your audience by sight. You should predict customers’ requests and be able to satisfy them by keeping your app updated. After you have memorized the importance of going with the times, let us see how to increase your app’s viral popularity – how to promote your app.
Pay attention to market research: use the help of analytics, collect feedback from your followers. Make conclusions about your strengths and weaknesses, fortify your advantages, and get rid of redundancy. This is the shortest way to balance your energy streams and stress on priorities in the first place.

Speaking about users’ direct feedback sources, here are the main:

App store reviews

Direct messages on social network accounts

Occasional or prepared research, survey, etc.

Get ready that an overwhelming majority of reactions you receive will be negative – it is easier to express. Do not be disappointed; this is normal. Read between the lines – and sooner than you think, you will reach to the bottom of the truth.
A few words about content: if certain content becomes trendy, do not expect two things. One – that this hit is enough or will last forever. Two – that uploading similar content pieces will lead to the same results. No. Keep posting new materials, update your app fulfillment infinitely. Feel the edge between improving what you already have and adding new ideas. There are two directions for engaging customers. One of them is publishing new app versions to app stores. Another way is updating app content. Sounds pretty easy to us.

And we switch to the central part – marketing. The moment promotion stops, your app’s life cycle is over. By analogy with previous examples, an incredibly successful campaign is not a sign you should stop moving. One of the most extraordinary promotion functions is steady, supportive marketing, which does not let you lose your users.A common truth of marketing states: there are always more people to attract. Along with the number of potential customers, a number of your competitor apps is enormous. Here, you can logically sum up that a key to winning is a constant presence on your target audience’s eye. Your victory consists of vital components:Realizing your advantages compared to opponents and representing them.
Taking analytics and users’ feedback into account, planning further moves according to analysis results.
The progress itself, the improvement itself.
4. Running a promotion campaign based on all the information you have got so far from previous steps.
Now you are theoretically into the ‘how to promote my app for free’ topic. It is a perfect time for some practice!
Create your first Android app using The platform helps you build an app without previous experience at programming or coding skills. It constructs app activities and content and packs these ingredients into lovely mobile applications. As you can see, you have a brilliant chance to save your resources (we mean, all of them: time, money, and energy).
Test drive the platform’s opportunities during a two-week free trial period. When it is over, you are ready to buy a subscription that allows you to develop applications, publish them on Play Market, and monetize your effort by running ad campaigns through your apps.

At this point, you are free to choose the most suitable subscription offer (keep in mind that by buying an annual subscription, you will have a 25% discount compared to a monthly one).
The Hobbyist package is called Mr. Affordability (10$ per month or 96$ per year). As you can see from the name, this option aims to help you with the first steps in app development. Mostly, applications for personal needs are designed here. The Hobbyist does not provide any possibility for launching ad campaigns.
The Pro breaks trendiness records (it costs 28$ per month or 252$ per year). It is a true hothouse for developing excellent content apps and earning money from running promotions through them. A possible number of apps you can build and the amount of space they can take is limited, though.And then comes the Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year) with the most flexible advertisement run settings and an unlimited number of apps you develop. Briefly speaking, if you were expecting the call to action to come into your life spontaneously – here it is.
After you have developed your app and uploaded it to the Play Market, concentrate on everything you have learned from this article. Apply this knowledge the best way you can. The most effective promotion of the century consists of small daily steps. Good luck.


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