How to Speed Up Your Google Play Store Downloads

You’ve launched your app idea. And you can’t wait to grow your user base to as many people as you can. Great! This is a significant achievement.But, you’ve only just completed the first half of your app idea. But you have much work to do in terms of mobile app analytics. Beta testing involves getting a few app users to give your App a try. This process allows you to gather information for updates. It will enable app analytics. That’s not all; there’s a purpose for launching your app idea. You’ve incurred some cost during the process of app development. You can’t wait to start monetizing your App. And if you want to start making money with your App, you need to get app downloads. It would help if you had mobile app analytics tools, social media and many more.
The purpose of this article is to give you tips on how to get your first 1000 app downloads fast. You will also find this article useful if you’re looking for top strategies to increase your app downloads on play store.

Ensure Quality First

Your App is a digital product and must be capable of delivering value to your users. The best way to quickly drive app installs is to pack your App with quality features and content. One method is to conduct a quick competition analysis. This involves looking out for already established apps that are similar to yours on play store, download three or four of these apps and look out for what they are lacking. Then build yours to cover these gaps. These gaps could be from simple UI/UX, app features and even customer support.

Conduct Beta Testing

The primary purpose of beta testing is to evaluate your App from the user’s point of view. The ultimate goal is to optimize your App for better customer experience through direct feedbacks from app users. Beta testing enables insights into loading speed, app performance and overall reliability of your App.Feedbacks from first-time users can then be gathered for essential app updates. Additionally, users get to test your App’s functionality, and if you need to add more features, you would include that in your App immediately. To do this effectively, ensure to distribute your apps for free from different locations and demographics. The purpose of this is to reduce bias to the barest minimum. The more you add more features and respond to customer demand, the better your chances of getting more App installs from Google Play Store.

Make use of App analytics tools.

To get more app installs, you need data to make informed decisions. This is where in-app analytics tools come into action. App analytics like Admob, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Apptentive allows you to gather user engagement and performance metrics about your App. You can easily use these data to make informed decisions concerning marketing and feature updates. Additionally, you get to understand which demographics have the highest download rate for your apps and which part of your apps are they interacting with mostly.One of the best analytics software, like Apptentive, enables you to gather first-hand data directly from your customers. The tool allows users to report their experience now with you so you can make better data-backed decisions about your App.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows you to market your App to your followers directly efficiently. To get the best out of social media to sell your apps, we advise you to join several groups on your social media platforms and start answering questions and providing solutions to people’s problems.Add great value and let them know why your App does a great job solving their problems. It is possible to convert your followers into your first 1000 app users and get your app downloads fast.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing works much like network marketing. This is an extension of social media marketing, but it takes a more creative form. You may have just a small following on social media, and you’ve not been creating highly engaging content.Micro-influencers with about 10,000 to 20,000 followers usually have more engagement rate than celebrity influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.Well, that shouldn’t stop you from marketing your App on social media. You could quickly get a team of Influencers with a fair amount of followers and a reasonable engagement rate to promote your mobile App. You could scale to 1000 downloads in a day with this method, and if done the right way you can start monetizing your App immediately. As a pro tip, ensure to make use of micro-influencers that are inches specific.

Join App Developer Communities

Learning never ends, and there anything wrong with getting tips and advice from peers and individuals who have launched successful mobile apps. Feel free to ask questions and be convenient with making valuable contributions.

Build a community around your App
This is very easy and very simple to do. It costs nothing. You can easily set this up on Facebook by creating a Facebook group. This makes your app users drop comments about your App, and you can easily share essential app updates with them.Share your group link on your social media following to enable more users to sign up quickly on your group. To make this work, ensure to regularly engage and respond to their questions as fast as possible.


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