Best ad networks for mobile apps

Find out about ad networks as a powerful tool for app monetization.

Hello developers! We are so proud that you are going strong on an app-building road. As you might have realized so far, developing an application is only the first step. A genuinely successful app is one of the highest demand. It is trendy and frequently downloaded. But we guess you would like to sense the value of the work you have done personally. It can be expressed in profit – or, in other words, in successful monetization strategies. Let us have a look at the opportunities you have.There are various monetization options to choose from:
1. Paid applications. This option is affordable only for the most substantial market leaders. Otherwise, a person will not feel enough motivation to pay for pressing the download button. Users are not likely to give their money for unknown products.
2. In-app purchases. The same here, you can pick this option only if there are some unique offers worth giving money for.
3. Freemium. This means you give users a limited number of activities available in the free version. On the other hand, you ask them to buy a premium subscription and receive access to all cool functions.
4. Free applications with ads inside. This is a brilliant opportunity for developers to earn money because the absolute majority of markets are free apps. But the word free does not mean that such an app cannot be monetized.
As a topic this article is devoted to, ad networks are particularly crucial for this monetization type. Let us explain how it works. A developer represents his/her app on the market. The app gains popularity because its content is entertaining and significantly engaging. The wider audience this application gets – the more attractive it becomes for advertisers. Businesses and companies whose target audience is matching your app’s audience are dying to implement their advertisements to your app. Collecting ad conversions, you get paid. Looking at the situation from the users’ perspective, they don’t perceive advertising as an extremely irritating option. Why? Please take into account that the ad view is their price for enjoying a free application.The ad market is, without exaggeration, massive. And it is growing correspondingly to the growth of the application market and user bases. Now it is time to meet leading ad networks that help you earn from your products.

AdMob from Google.
The most demanded global platform is used for more than a million applications. This first string advertisement aggregator supports both Android and iOS-based apps.
It allows a cross-run of ads among all the apps you have developed for free.
Moreover, you can limit the ads to show the number and effectively work with your fill rate (this is a specific index. It shows a percentage of ad run requests serviced by a network).
You may also connect your account to Firebase cloud, analyze your campaign success, and optimize further campaigns. Perhaps the most significant advantage in terms of customers’ loyalty is the fact that ad run implemented through AdMob does not lower the comfort of using the app.

Finally, you may change ad settings without a necessity to upload them every time anew on an app store.

Facebook audience network.
Don’t be disappointed by the network’s name.
It covers broad audiences not only from Facebook and Instagram but also far beyond.
Advertisers will also be glad to discover that the price for ads run through FAN is lower than a direct placing from Facebook. More than a billion users interact with promotions run through this network every month.

This network specializes in rewarded videos mostly (we will explain the difference between crucial ad types below).
The system shows promotions to the most loyal audience and motivates them to interact with ads for prizes and privileges.
As a result, you as a developer earn from ad implementation, advertisers earn money from leads. The good thing for you is, the platform guarantees revenue from ads views themselves.

The network makes a unique marketing offer for you, taking into account specifics of the user’s behavior. It collects data from multiple ad platforms, analyzes demand sources. As a result, a client saves time and money and multiplies income. It supports all ad formats, and just in case, a support hotline works 24/7.

With more than a billion users in 200 countries, it has video promotions, native and full-screen ads in its arsenal. Advertisers will have access to targeting settings, budget planning details, and cost per click.
Now, let us have a closer and more attentive look at ad species these ad networks can offer.
The first option is a static banner. This basic promotional product is used to give users a bright initial impression of a product.Then we move to trends – welcome an interstitial ad. This is a full-screen promotion shown between pages or activities in the app. A user can turn it off after a defined period by pressing an X-button.A rewarded video mentioned before is kind of similar to interstitials. This option works well for game applications. After watching a video until the end, a user is guaranteed to receive a loyalty or a prize in the game (for example, extra coins or other bonuses).A native advertisement is the most complicated way of integrating the info about the promoted business into the app content. Actually, these two components appear as indistinguishable parts of the overall app concept.

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You have a chance to test drive two ad options after developing apps through These are static banners and interstitial ads. But with the coming platform update, there will be added a possibility of working with rewarded videos and native promotions. As you can see, nothing restricts you on your way to monetizing your apps. Do not wait for a sign – here it is. Do it.


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