9 Best Mobile Advertising Platforms

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Due to this, mobile advertising has become a necessity for businesses. Mobile advertising helps advertisers make their brands visible and market their products.

Several companies make additional revenue by monetizing their apps.
As an app developer, you should take advantage of these platforms and their ability to make revenue.
In this article, we focus on app advertising platforms that can help you make more revenue. Are you wondering which of the following is the largest mobile advertising platform? Keep reading.
Nine mobile advertising platforms.

Google AdMob

AdMob is significantly ahead of other platforms. It’s big, it’s popular, and it’s affiliated with Google. AdMob provides SDK for app developers and uses a bidding technique to increase developers’ ROI by rewarding advertising space to the highest bidder.
AdMob SDK offers coherent software development tools to assist app developers. Developers can link to programs such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. With this platform, you can:

Generate app revenue.

Make user experience better.

Receive regular insights.

Pick what ads to display.

Set filters so you can display relevant ads.


Tapjoy is excellent for mobile game developers. They have a network of more than a billion devices worldwide.Tapjoy has a system that gives gamers a chance to earn virtual rewards by taking acting.Tapjoy uses the offer wall to create revenue opportunities for app developers. App users can scroll through and select reward ads or offers to view to win in-app rewards.
Offer walls give users a chance to pick the ads they would like to see. Watching a video could be equivalent to earning 50 virtual coins while viewing a 5-second ad is equal to 10 virtual coins.Giving gamers a chance to unlock rewards motivates them to engage more with your app, generating more ad revenue.

One by AOL

One by AOL, formerly known as Millennial Media. It’s a combination of advertising and revenue generation, make it perfect. It maximizes mobile ad inventory and provides clarity and control.
This platform offers deals to game publishers, individual development teams, and mobile developers. Advertisers can display ads from other networks through the Ad Network Mediation support system.
Through their new self-service platform app, developers can monetize across every device and format with a single, scalable software development kit. Developers can manage ad serving, network mediation, and real-time bidding. One by AOL offers a suite of transparent reports and controls such as date ranges, pacing, targeting, and pricing.


Founded in 2011, Chartboost has become the preferred mobile advertising platform for most gamers. Developers can customize the design and decide how the video ad campaigns will be implemented. Chartboost also offers reward videos in which players earn virtual currency after viewing a video. Chartboost has over 12 billion game sessions a month and uses the data to provide monthly insights to developers. As an app developer, you can obtain information on your app usage and make changes based on the data.

Chartboost mostly features interstitial and high definition video ads of new gaming apps and cross-promotions. Their dynamic ad templates are optimized for performance and work to enhance user experience.


The Aditic mobile advertising network company is part of a larger mobile marketing company called Sofialys.
Aditic offers multi-format supports. You have an opportunity to make money from your app on platforms such as Blackberry, Android, Java, and iOS.


If you are a game developer, you may want to consider using AppLovin. AppLovin enables developers to monetize their games and increase their user base.
AppLovin has ten terabytes of user data. You can use this information to give your users personalized ad recommendations by selecting promotions so that consumers see more relevant ads.
AppLovin has an in-app bidding monetization platform that helps maximize earnings.
AppLovin runs an unbiased auction where advertisers bid for ad inventory. This technique drives more competition. Developers get to see higher CPMs for publishers.


Flurry was created in 2008. It aims to generate as much revenue as possible for your app. Flurry has an iOS and Android analytics solution that collects user data on global consumer usage.
With flurry, you get insight into your app users’ behavior and identify improvement points. Flurry displays video ads and interstitial ads on both Android and iOS.
Flurry provides publishers with features such as:
• Ad serving
• Targeting
• network mediation
• Reporting

Flurry analytics segments users allow you to observe consumer behavior and view segmented data


Byyd, formerly known as Adfonic, is a popular platform for buying mobile inventory through RTB-technology (Real-Time Bidding). They offer several targeting options, such as:
• Location.
• App category.
• User interests.
• OS.
• Device type.
• SSP.
• Network type.

Byyd has done advertising for big brands and corporations like ESPN, Samsung, and Amazon.
It provides a fill-rate of about95% for iOS and Android platforms. Byyd allows you to structure and manage several accounts.


Vungle can help you make revenue from your app and grow your user base through its easy-to-use publisher platform. You can improve user experience by adjusting, monitoring, and controlling the ad content that shows on your app.
Vungle has an easy-to-integrate software development kit that delivers creative ad experiences into your apps. Vungle is committed to helping you convert your app into revenue by incorporating engaging and captivating video ads.

Final word

AdMob is the largest platform currently, which is not a surprise given its link with google. However, this doesn’t diminish the other advertising platforms. Each advertising platform can benefit your app.
There is no perfect mobile advertising platform. With so many app monetization and app advertising platforms, you need to find the one that best fits your requirement.
Hopefully, our list of mobile advertising platforms 2021 will make the selection process better.


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