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Have you ever asked yourself if there is a way you could get rid of the hassle of daily commuting to and from work? Trying to arrive at the office on time despite the heavy traffic is such a pain. Is it possible to just stay at home and make money online? Well here is a reality check – it’s more possible now in 2019 than ever before. And, with the right approach, you can make more money online than your regular 9-5 job will ever pay you!

Here are five legit ways you can earn money online while working from home in 2019!

1. Niche Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the name came from “niche marketing” where you try to focus on a small and specific need of a particular market segment or audience. Once you’ve chosen your niche, you create a blog site and publish content regularly. To earn from this type of work, you can sign up as an affiliate for companies who sell products to your target audience. They’ll give you links to use and you can place those in articles and banners on your site. Each time someone clicks any of your links and purchases their products, you get a commission. Ka-ching! It’s that easy.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products by referring customers to their online store. For you to succeed in niche blogging and affiliate marketing, your content must be valuable to the people you are targeting. People know quality content when they see it, and will recognize a snake oil sales man from a distance. So be smart about it. Don’t go in with shallow content they can’t use; be thoughtful and provide well-researched material. It shows that you care about them and understand their needs. This will increase your influence. You need that influence for you to successfully recommend products to them.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has exploded in the last 3 years and Shopify is leading the way. In this business model, an e-commerce retailer does not keep stock, but instead sells a product first and then purchases it from the wholesaler or other third party. The wholesaler or third party then ships the item directly to the customer. It’s the old age middle-man in new clothes.

This is an unbelievably easy market to enter, but with this comes steep competition and issues of quality control because, as a retailer, you never really get to handle the products you sell. It takes a lot of faith in your supplier holding up on their end of the deal. With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about:

    • Paying for a warehouse
    • Managing and tracking inventory
    • Handling inbound and outbound shipments
    • Continually ordering products to add to your inventory

Dropshipping has benefits beyond those listed above; less capital is required, it has low overheads, you can work from any location, and you have a wider selection of products.

3. Freelancing

Building your personal freelance business may take some time and requires skills. High quality freelancers are on demand in many areas such as content writing, graphic design, web development, bookkeeping and much more. You can start making money online with freelancing by joining some of the top freelance networks such as Upwork, Flexjobs, SolidGigs, and more. These networks are actually a great way to supplement your income online.

4. Business Consulting

If you have developed valuable skills and have certifications within your industry, then offering consultancy services to small business owners who need your wisdom can be a profitable way to earn money online. Whether you are a business strategist, a marketer, or a financial analyst, your expertise will surely be of great help to business owners who are also striving for their success. With time, you will get referrals and this can provide you with a consistent stream of clients.

5. Building Mobile Apps

This is a very lucrative niche. And, until a few years ago, you needed a lot of training and expert skills to pull it off. But not anymore. It’s now within your reach with Andromo App Maker. With ZERO technical skills and knowhow, you can create your very own Android app in minutes, with all the bells and whistles of a professional app that could take possibly months to build.

How do you make money from this? There are several ways. You can create apps for local businesses in your area for a fee, create content for apps for a fee, or sell your app in the Play Store, or allow advertisers to place ads in your app. With ads, you get a cut each time an ad is clicked. Literally earn while you sleep! All you need is an idea and an Andromo account.

This is probably the most exciting and sustainable way to make money online in 2019. Dropshipping and other niches are quite saturated now, and standing out takes a lot of hard work. But a good app gets shared like wild fire.

You don’t need any coding skills. Just start with an idea, click and launch. That’s it! Ready to make your first app? It’s free – sign up here.

Mwenge Ngona

Mwenge Ngona

Head of Marketing at Andromo. Without marketing, we would never know anything about anything. Think about that. We'd be missing out on life!