Invest Some Time Learning a Graphics Tool

By August 26, 2011No Comments

I can’t say that I’ve ever had an interest in graphic design, nor have I really had a need to create anything complicated. Knowing the basics has gotten me by for any personal tasks, and professional tasks. However, while creating android applications using Andromo, I quickly realized the potential of how much nicer my applications could look if I could take advantage of all of the features of a graphics program. I knew how I wanted it to look, but just couldn’t translate that to the screen, and there wasn’t really time to delve into graphics tutorials.

While it’s certainly possible to purchase or find free content, it can be hit and miss when you have something specific in mind.

I do understand that just because you’re fluent in a particular graphics program, doesn’t mean you can create something sexy. However, if something I’ve created doesn’t look the greatest, but I know I’ve used all the tools available to me, I’m ok with that. All in all, learning to use a graphics tool beyond the basics will surely come in handy, and that’s something I’ve put onto my ‘todo’ list…ok that would be…umm…#53.