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Introducing AppBrain Interstitials

By July 24, 2014November 23rd, 2020No Comments

We’ve added another interstitial ad type for our developers in Andromo 4.0.8: AppBrain interstitial offerwalls powered by the AppLift SDK.

What are interstitials?

Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear ‘between’ activities in your app. Since they really grab the user’s attention, they can be more effective than banner ads at generating clicks. However, you don’t want to show them too frequently, or you may risk annoying some users.

What is an offerwall?

An offerwall is a kind of interstitial ad that offers a selection of free apps for your users to try. Essentially you get paid when your users install any of the offered apps.

The AppBrain offerwall is implemented as an interstitial ad that asks the user if they are interested in being shown more free apps, and then showing them a list of apps if they selected Yes.



What is required to use AppBrain interstitials?

In order to show AppBrain interstitials in your app, you need to sign up for an AppBrain developer account and register your app with them. You ‘register’ the app by searching for your app in the AppBrain dashboard, and then clicking a Verify button to have an email sent to the email address listed for that app in Google Play.

If the app isn’t known to AppBrain yet, you can add it by entering the URL where your app is located in Google Play.

(Note that your app must be published in Google Play in order to use AppBrain.)

It is completely free to use AppBrain interstitials in your app.

You can find the AppBrain options on the Monetization tab in your Andromo project. See Setting Up AppBrain Ads for full instructions.