Research agency “SensorTower” estimates that Pokemon GO will reach $ 1 billion in revenue in 2020 and surpass $ 4 billion since its launch in 2016.
The game continues to be hugely popular and has even attracted new players in 2020 by bringing new features to gamers by developers.

The game ranked third globally among mobile games in 2020 in terms of revenue. The most lucrative market for Pokemon GO in the United States, with American players which accounting for 36.3% of the game’s total revenues. In second place is the Japanese market, which brought developers 31.3% of total revenues, and the third place with a share of 5.7% of revenues belongs to the players from Germany.

Google Play accounts for 53.4% ​​of all game revenues; Apple Store brings 46.6%. Currently, there are 600 million installations. The United States leads in terms of the number of installations resulting from 109 million, followed by Brazil with 65.2 million installations, followed by Mexico with 37.3 million installations, and 460 million installations were made in Google Play platform.