I Really like Google+ Hangouts

By January 12, 2012No Comments


If you are not on Google+ yet, then you are missing out on a great features called hangouts. It’s a great way to do video chats with multiple people. They also have an “on air” option that lets you watch the video chat without participating. Very useful if you are in the office and cannot take the time to participate.

The best use of this feature for me so far have been the Android Developer Office Hour hangouts which have been a great way to interact with (and learn from) the people making Android, and other Android developers. They even post the hangouts on YouTube the next day so that you can watch the hangouts later if you missed them.

I’ve enjoyed these hangouts so much I’ve been thinking that if we could get enough interest I’d love to have an Andromo related hangout. If you are interested leave a comment on this post, or in our forums.

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