How to publish an app on Google Play

An easy and intriguing way of publishing your app on Google Play, explained.

If you are reading this – congratulations, you have developed your own app, and now you are on your way to publishing it to Google Play so that the whole world would have a chance to fall for it. We suggest that this process may seem scary for some people, but only because it is an unknown unexplored field. You bet! But no worries, we will support you on each step.

Google Play Console

To begin with, you go straight to Google Play Console ( This is a place of initiation. To continue, you are expected to have an account on Google. If not, then you create one and wait for a few days till it is approved. Then, to start distributing your apps to the public, you make a one-time payment of $25.

How to publish an app on Google Play

After you are registered on Google, it is a perfect moment to publish an app on Google Play. You log in to your developer account and press the “Add New Application” button. The very first dialog flow asks you about the default language and your app’s title (maximum 30 characters). Then you have two options to continue with – uploading your app’s file and store listing. We recommend paying attention to the first one. Go to App Releases, create a release and upload APK (a file of your app). To be accepted, it should be under 50MB size.

Once this vital action is done, move on to the next stage – and please be accurate and attentive. It is the Store Listing section which controls all the information that a user will see tapping on your app icon on Play Market. Here you are offered to add a short and a full description of your application (shown in Play Market and at the profile of your app accordingly). When you are filling the bigger field, use keywords that describe your app. By the way, Google Play publishing issues are something you should really take into account. If your request is rejected – do not panic; just rewrite inaccuracies Google is displeased with.

Now you go to the visual representation of your app, which should be really eye-catchy. A tip for you: here is a cool tool called Figma, which aims to help you create all the graphic files you need to match Google Play publishing requirements. On the website you can upload your toolkit previously designed on Andromo and adjust all the pictures (an icon, a banner, at least two screenshots, etc.) to the size you need. Then you export all the files with one click. A piece of good news: every picture is automatically named how it should be pasted into Google Play, so you do not need to search for the right space to stick it.


Your next turn is categorization. Choose the type of your app – art and design, art, business, and so on. Switch to tags – you may pick up to five options from your description. These keywords will affect the place your app will be displayed.

Done? Click on the Content Rating section next. It can only be filled after you have downloaded your application file. Here, you must answer a list of questions about violence, harassment, sexuality, fear, etc. This is a typical situation when an app market protects users from unwanted content, keep calm.

App Content

Go to the next section on your desktop, the App Content. If your target audience includes children under thirteen, you should necessarily have a privacy policy. You may publish it somewhere as a document and leave a link to it in a corresponding space. After that, you choose your target audience itself, and also you can add a possibility for implementing advertisements inside your app if you like.

Pricing and Distribution

Your app is almost ready to be successfully published. The last section will be Pricing and Distribution. It allows you to choose separate countries, where your app will be available, or you may just mark all of them. Also here you decide whether your app is free or paid. We want to warn you that you will not have any way back after this answer: you cannot later change your app’s price politics.

After all the checkmarks have turned green, you are totally ready to publish an app on Google Play. Go back to the App Releases. Review everything you have filled in and uploaded so far. And press the “Start Rollout to Production” button. Wow, it seems like your app is pending publication! As a rule, it takes a few hours to check the details according to publishing norms, but in some cases, it may take a little longer, which is absolutely not a reason for you to worry. Be patient.

Suppose you want to change your listing after a while or upload a new app version – welcome. Just save updates – and, if everything goes right, they will appear on Google Play in about twenty minutes.

Before you start, one more piece of friendly advice. When you have created your app with, we strongly recommend you upload it to Google Play before you show it to anyone else. Who knows what may happen? We are pretty sure you don’t want to risk your app and see someone posting it earlier than you. What an unpleasant surprise would that be. A unique package name identifies the apps; each one can only be used once on Google Play. This means it would be much better not to be robbed and publish it before showing it to anyone. Otherwise, another person will take your app, upload it before you do, and you will be forced to start from scratch again, creating a new Andromo project.

So just be careful – and we wish you the best of luck!