How To Monetize Your Food Blog With Andromo

Pursuing your passion is one of the most straightforward business strategies for generating a steady stream of income. If you’ve been looking for how to monetize a food blog, this article will detail how you can do that easily.

So, you have a food blog with fantastic cookery recipes, food journalism, and excellent food discussions? In the pursuit of your passion, you can easily earn some form of income, even if passive, and one of the most important first steps to undertake is to convert your blog into a mobile app. Here’s why.

The massive amount of apps can be contingently divided into two groups – small business apps and content apps.

Why Should You Make an App of Your Blog?

They are online versions of call centers and news source for your company or product. With their help clients can book a table, sign up for a consultation, learn the information and news they need, find your location through an app map, take part in loyalty programs etc. Moreover, they represent your general philosophy and corporate values, which is an essential way of forming and strengthening your business image and distinguish you among similar organizations.

1. Enhance Product Sales

Today, mobile devices are the most widely preferred means to access online content. This trend is responsible for the millions of daily app installations from App stores, and it would be business-wise to fashion this trend to work for your advantage. With this trend, developing an app will serve to boost your site traffic, and this may later improve your product sales.

Enhance Product Sales with andromo

2. Uniqueness from Competition

There are several top sites with food blogging money-making experience who haven’t realized and taken advantage of app development benefits. Converting your blog content to an app will help your business stand apart from other food blogs who may already be ahead of the curve. You can customize the app’s user interface to offer improved customer experience. When users or visitors install, your customized app features and design elements can provide value unique from others.

Uniqueness from Competition with Andromo

3. Boost Brand Visibility

Daily, the average individual handles their smartphones more times than they can number. This proves an undiscovered advantage because with your app on their smartphone, consciously or unconsciously, your brand can leave a mental mark—increasing site visits.
With push notifications, you can alert your audience to new site content or features beyond anything sending bulk mails and newsletters.

Boost Brand Visibility with Andromo

How to Make an App for Your Food Blog?

App development is no longer a complex process requiring learning programming languages for coding Android or iOS devices. There are now mobile app builders with resources for coding native apps without any technical knowledge. This way, you can transform all your blog features into an app that includes dynamic, technical features that make it better-improved. Andromo is one of such reputable platforms
Andromo is a web-based system for building professional apps without writing a line of code. Andromo’s app development process is simplified such that anyone can handle it, yet it integrates core features that you can only get from a professional app. At the click of a mouse, you can build a unique app with personalized features suitable for your food blogging. stands out among such platforms. It takes a leading market position for a decade, at this point. It suggests multiple opportunities for creating an app for Android devices. And here comes a piece of amazing news – a great platform update is coming soon! Which means that in the nearest future users will also be able to create apps for IOS on their own.

How to Promote Your App?

Promoting your app after development is essential to drive installs. Without creating unique promotional strategies, your app development may experience only little to no boost in traffic and sales. However, you can promote your app following these quick tips:

● Use Your Blog and Social Media

You already own a blog and have an audience. You can take advantage of this platform to inform and invite people to download and install your new app. Design compelling and creative blogs that will upsell your new app and inform your audience of its potential benefits if installed.
Social media platforms are also powerful tools that you should use. Create click-worthy posts sufficient to create an online buzz that will attract your target market. Also include the links to your app on your blog and social media platforms.

● Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)

Simply, ASO is an apps SEO. This means an ASO improves your app’s discoverability by optimizing certain App store essentials. Some of the things you should pay attention to for ASO include your logo, description (keywords optimization), and even screenshots of the app.

● Pay for Ads and Promos

In-app ads about your app can boost your installed traffic. You can create and book an ad campaign with relevant sites.

Tips and Tricks in App Development


Be updated about app development and niche-related changes. Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and so does expectations. Staying informed helps you understand the newest technology and niche trends, which can be integrated into the app.

Don’t ignore feedback. Pay attention and avoid the temptation of adding features and aesthetics you like. Feedback helps you design a more customer-centric app.

Don’t shut your eyes on the competition. Creating a monetizable app demands that you monitor your competitors regularly. You can fine-tune ideas and app features that help your app attract the right audience.

Test once. Test again. Carry out more tests. Developers already understand how tricky code can be and how a launch can go quite awry. You should carry out sufficient tests to ascertain that the app is functional, just like you imagined. Even with Andromo, the app development process should involve running adequate tests.

Limit in-app ads. One of the app monetization strategies is to sell ads on your app. However, too much of this can ruin the user experience. Therefore, you should reduce them to bearable minimums.

Release your app. Boom, you are excellent!

App Monetization

After completing the professional app development, then you’re ready to begin earning income from it. Another Andromo’s fantastic feature that makes it ideal for app development is how excellently the site integrates monetization features. With Andromo, you can run different ads —banners and interstitial—from on your app. Andromo allows ads from Facebook and Admob. These ads can be integrated quite easily while still ensuring an excellent user experience.
Monetize Your Passion
Can you make money from a food blog? Absolutely. You can monetize your passion and reach a much wider target audience with an app. Andromo eases the app development process, and you can have an app up in no time without any technical knowledge. Stand out from the competition with your professional app. You can start right away.