Once it is done – we can guess you are completely ready for monetizing your app.

The first aka the most popular option is implementing advertising into your app. Here it is vital to understand advertisers’ requests on their potential target audience. A piece of advice for you – try to concentrate on topics, age groups or products advertisers would be most likely to target. In other words, your app should match the interests of a person who wants to post a banner in your app.

The second vector is selling premium version through an app store – for example, Google Play. If you feel confident that people are ready to pay for the content you offer – try this method instead of publishing a free version with ads. By the way, nobody forbids releasing two versions at once – then you will have to limit an amount of content / tools available in a free version, so that users will be much more motivated to buy paid one.

Briefly about advertising inside the app.

People have invented multiple platforms, the top-1 among them is, undoubtedly, AdMob from Google. Developer creates an account, adds his / her own apps previously created on Andromo.com, sets advertising keys – and here it is! Promotion is available inside the app.

The logic is strict to follow: the more users download the app – the more money developer earns from showing ad materials.

We can divide inside app advertising into some types, each of them has its pros and cons.

Static banner

Is a basic way to represent a company or a product.

Interstitial ad

Is shown between pages, it fulfills all the screen place and can be turned off by pressing X-button after a defined period of time.

Native ad

Is about ad blocks between pieces of content that maximally relevates the form and sense of the content itself.

Rewarded video

Is kind of similar to Interstitial ad, the difference is – this last type requires watching promo till the end, then the user receives a ‘prize’ inside the app.

You should take into account advertising politics of AdMob – the platform is constantly improving and extending regulations in terms of ads. That is the reason why you as a developer should attentively learn all the information given and strictly follow the rules. It will help you avoid banning and save opportunities for monetizing your apps.

Currently Andromo offers two types of advertising – banner and interstitial ad, BUT! With the coming update all the other options will be added – so that income perspective of developers will increase significantly.

If you still cannot imagine yourself earning money by creating apps – let us give you an example that will prove otherwise.

Discover the story of Sabrina

I was born and raised in Vienna. At 35 I got married, and already in two years our twins Martha and Bettie were born. I have to confess here, that parent routine absorbed me – and somehow anxiety caused by my self-confidence issues and absence of time for normal stable work led to deep desperation.
I was so sure that nobody was interested at my ideas and concepts – and at this very moment my best friend showed me Andromo.com. Pieces of puzzle collected all together. I had a blog with some disordered pieces of content. The second I realized how to create an android app for my website – I decided to take an action. So I invented an app for young moms with a huge database with tons of entertaining materials for children – e-books, lullabies, preschool educational stuff, cartoons etc. I was naturally shocked to receive such a feedback! Guess what the end of the fairytale was – in three months my first income came. In half a year I earned 2500$ per month – doing nothing specific or ultra hard. No, I was just sharing something I am really into. And I was happy – I still am’.

To conclude. As you can see, the whole process of creating an app and monetizing it is not an unreachable dream. It is just about your time, ideas – and a bit of motivation.

So do not waste your time – try it out! You may start from a free trial period. You will have 14 days to use Andromo.com and fall in love with it. The rest is in your hands. Oops, a note to be exact. The rest is in your phone – your phone is in your hands.