In case you didn’t know – the best way to make money online is by helping others earn money. Sounds provocative enough?

Let us guess: at least once in life, you have been seriously overthinking the idea of working from home and, as a result, managing your time the way YOU want. Or – another perspective – you were desperately searching for a source of passive income, in addition to your main job, but you have not found any solution till today.

In this case, we would like to inspire you and direct your energy in a money-making course. All the ways to make money online are already collected in specific places that are easy to navigate. They are mobile apps. Surprised?

For better understanding, we will give you two examples.

– The first one is the app, obviously called Make Money: Passive Income & Work From Home Ideas. It contains more than sixty ideas on how to make money online, how to become an entrepreneur, how to organize passive income without wasting tons of time, and sitting in the boring office for eight hours daily.

How to create an app that makes money online

– The second is to Earn Extra Income: Make Money Online Today. It supplies you with even more – over 170 opportunities for your income in just one app. Enough describing – why don’t you download the app and try it out by yourself?

How to create an app that makes money online2

Now that you have realized that an ordinary person can easily earn money from the app, we suggest you look at the picture from a completely different perspective. Turn yourself around 180 degrees and become a person who makes money from the extra income apps themselves. Jump up to the next level – create an app and monetize it.

Here are some essential tips which hopefully will inspire you in terms of building the logical structure of your future app:.

  • Ensure people that wasting time on just playing games and watching sitcom series is quite useless – they can start making a career in their free time instead.
  • Think of money-making strategies and try to systematize them by occupation type: IT area, writing a blog, managing a social network account, dropshipping, etc.
  • Work on some step-by-step instructions; by following them, users will receive profound guidance on their way to stabilizing passive income.
  • Instill in users’ minds thought that no matter what skills and limitations are – they can find something that suits them anyway. Add extra filtering and detailed categories so that people can easily find a matching micro job.
  • Inspire users to test-drive different app activities as a hobby that at the same time, answers their’ how to make money online from home’ question.
  • Collecting money-earning ways try to cover all possible directions, take into account that people have various skills, passions, and different amounts of free time.
  • Try to give only legitimate and proven methods of earning money, avoid any scam options – do not lower your trustability level.

When you are finished with the ideological stuff – it is time for action. Delight yourself: nobody requires specific programming skills or knowing coding languages. Here we would like to introduce you to This is a platform for creating apps online – suitable even for beginners. Basically, this is a constructor that coordinates all the tools and activities you would like to put in your future app.

To touch the builder, you can use a free 14 days trial on Andromo. You will clarify for yourself how the platform works and how it can help you. Next move – registering and buying a subscription. At this point, you will be able to not only create apps but to launch them through Google Play. And soon you will start earning money. How exactly?

Back to examples. Both apps mentioned before were ‘how to earn money online’ apps created through They both were downloaded and installed more than 1 million times. Their developers had a minimum of 10 thousand dollars income each. You can not only repeat but significantly overcome their success by creating and monetizing your app. Collect business ideas worth attention, inspire yourself through Internet surfing, pack your unique knowledge in the form of apps – and get ready to receive dividends. Make money online by monetizing your application.

The thing is, the more popular your product is, the more advertisers would like to use your app as a marketplace. And of course, you will earn money from implementing advertising into your app.

A few words about Andromo’s subscription plans.

The most affordable one is Hobbyist (10$ per month or 96$ per year). It is your first step as a developer. Then you move in the direction of Pro package (28$ per month or 252$ per year) – it gives a possibility of installing ads inside your app. And finally there is Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year) for advanced developers which seriously expands your opportunities in the frequency of ad run – and it also influences your ad revenue positively.


$ 10

Per month


$ 28

Per month


$ 48

Per month

So what do you get from creating a money making app? Number one – you have a chance of becoming a business mentor for those who appreciate your piece of advice, for those who hear you and follow you. For that, at least 10 thousand downloads are more than enough. Number two – you attract advertisers who promote their products through your top-rated app – and your income increases with the hype your app makes.

Invest your time and effort – becoming a business guru is worth it.

Building your app and adding activities. Again – no necessity of using any coding skills. Just press ‘Build my app’ button – and the platform will automatically construct the skeleton of your app so that you are ready to add activities.

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