Another week, another cool new feature added to Andromo App Maker for Android!

Introducing the ‘Google Play’ activity…

Google Play Activity Screenshot - Galaxy Nexus

Google Play Activity Screenshot - Running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Google Play activity is used to create an icon on your Android app dashboard that points to an app, or list of apps on Google Play (previously known as the Android Market).

It’s perfect for adding features to your app like ‘Upgrade to Pro Version’, ‘Rate this App’ and ‘View my other Apps’.

Basically any search or query you can do on the Google Play store can be embedded into your Android app using this activity.

The cool thing about this activity, is that you just need to copy and paste the web URL from your browser (once you find the page you’re looking for on Google Play) into the Andromo activity and we’ll do the rest.

When your user taps on the activity icon, we translate it into a Google Play market app intent for you – and it opens in the Google Play app on your phone/tablet. It couldn’t be easier – and it’s a great new feature you can add to the Android apps you make with Andromo!

Examples of what you can do with Andromo’s Google Play activity

Google Play Activity Screenshot - Motorola XOOM

An Android App Made using Andromo, running on a Motorola XOOM tablet. No coding required!

1. Linking to Specific Apps – Links to specific apps have the following form, where is the package name of that specific app:

As an example, a real application would look like the following, where the package name is ‘com.andromo.dev6.app23495’:

2. Showing all of your Apps – To show all of your apps, you would provide a search using your Google Play ‘publisher name’. This type of link has the following form, where is your publisher name in Google Play. The publisher name of apps is usually shown below the app name in Google Play:

3. Using a General Search Query – If you want to create a link that uses a general search query in Google Play, the link should have the following form, where is the search query you want to perform:

For example, you could provide a search for any apps that contain the keyword ‘hockey’ using the following:

Wrap up…
And there you have it! Start making Android apps today at It’s free and so easy that anyone can do it.

Google Play Activity Screenshot - Motorola XOOM - Landscape

Landscape view of Andromo's Google Play activity on a Motorola XOOM Android tablet