Getting Started With Andromo App Maker

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The 10,000 Foot View of represents the true democratization of the app creation process, it is a website that lets anyone transform their idea into an Android app. In order to create your Android app using Andromo, just follow these three steps:

1. Create a project: Each project you create within your Andromo account represents one android app. To create an Android app using Andromo, you need to create a project.
2. Add activities to your project: Activities are what give your app functionality. In order for your app to do *anything* you need to add activities to it.
3. Build your Project: Building your project will generate your Android app. When you are done, or when you want to test, you need to build your project via the Build tab. This will generate an APK file which you can then install on your Android device.

Note: Before you can create an app using Andromo you need to sign up for a valid Andromo account. If you don’t have one already visit to register for free.

You can also watch this short video which will walk you through the process: Creating Your First Android App using

Andromo In More Detail


As mentioned above, a project within Andromo represents an Android app. If you want to create an Android app using Andromo you need to create a project first.

To create a project, log into your Andromo account and visit your projects page.

There you will see a large green button that you should click on to create a project:

After you click this button you will be prompted to name your project. The name of your project will be what your end users sees on their Android device, but don’t be too concerned with your project name to start, as you can always change it later.


Activities are what give your Android app functionality. Without any activities your Android app won’t do anything, so the first thing that you want to do after creating your project is go to the Activities tab.

There are 19 different activity types that you can use to add functionality to your app, from the About Activity to the YouTube Activity. These activities are the tools that you have at your disposal when creating your app. You can add as many or as few activities as you want to your app, but a good safe bet is at least four activities per app.

See the Activities Knowledge Base section for more information on different activity types available to you and how you can make use of them.


Building is the process of transforming your Andromo project into an Android APK. An Android APK is a single file that represents your Android app. This is the file that your end user will install onto their Android device and then execute in order to use your app. When you are satisfied with your app, or when you want to test what you have created so far, you need to visit the build tab to generate your Android APK.

Building your project is very easy, simply click the big green ‘Generate My App!’ button on the Build tab, and Andromo will start building your app.

Once the build process has completed you will be emailed a link to your Android APK file and the download link will be made available within your dashboard.

Once you have the link to your Android APK you can install your app on your Android device and publish your app to Google Play.

Helpful Links

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