A guideline on how to get Google Play public key for the app you have built.

Getting a Google Play public key is a necessary condition of publishing applications on a play market. There is a specific service that helps manage licensing rules for apps you upload. If you use it, your apps can request checking the license status from time to time. Depending on the answer, they keep functioning or signal an error.

The first difficulty you may face is finding this Google Play store public key. We are here to solve the problem. What you should do is:

1. Open your Play Console.

2. Press “all applications.”

3. Choose the app you need from the list.

4. Press “development tools” then choose “services and API.”

5. Find a section called “license key for this application.”

If you want to check whether your app is connected to a Google Play store public key, you may use an algorithm given below.


Check if the app with such name and version code exists on Google Play. In case it is absent, take your Android device and log into an account that is used for Play Console. Be attentive: this should be the primary account of your device. Make a test answer and make sure the app processes it correctly.

Take into account that test requests’ answers are cashed during a minute; others require more prolonged cashing.


You have uploaded an app with a license check option to Google Play. Log into your Play Console account on an Android device. As an alternative, you may choose a particular account for Google app license key verification. This account should be primary on your device. Go through the same steps described in a previous section.


All the basic answers can be found at Google support. Navigate through it, or contact a manager for detailed instructions.
Among some issues you would like to fix, there can appear a licensing server problem. Do not worry. Make sure that you have the latest server version installed.

If a particular user has a number of problems with license key and verification – we also have an answer. Apparently, he/she tries to use an additional account. Pay attention to using the same account which you were using while buying the application. As far as the license is connected to another account, Google denies authorization.

All the technical support in terms of implementing a license key in apps can be found on a particular website for Android developers.

Best of luck!