Friday Sneak Peek: The Photo Gallery Activity

By April 13, 2012No Comments

Time for another sneak peek behind the Andromo development curtain, today’s glimpse will be another new activity. We’re going to take a quick look at the new Photo Gallery activity. As with all sneak peeks you have to remember that this is not the finished product so the name, functionality, look-and-feel, etc. might all change before the activity has been released. That being said let’s take a look at this new activity.

The Photo Gallery was designed to let Andromo developers bundle a static set of images in their Android apps. Right now there is no limit to the number of photos allowed, but the standard size limit of 50Mb is still in place.

Some of the features we are planning on including are a gallery index, optional caption information for each photo, and the ability for the end users to pinch-zoom the photos to get a closer look:

We also wanted to take advantage of some of the modern User Experience (UX) patterns that have become popular in the Android ecosystem so we implemented the swipe gesture for navigating between photos:

Finally we’ve let the developer enable or disable the options to share the photos or set the photos as the phones wallpaper:

We’re still working away on this new activity so I can’t give any details as to when it will be release, but I will say that we’re hoping it will be soon. (It’s always soon isn’t it?)

That’s it for this quick little Friday sneak peek at the Photo Gallery app, I’ll leave you now with my donkey eye wallpaper: