Exciting Changes Coming to Andromo App Maker for Android

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It’s been an exciting journey here at Andromo. In just a few short months:

  • We’ve gone from zero to 84,718 awesome users.
  • You’ve created 77,387 app projects.
  • Our cloud servers have run 109,323 app build processes without missing a beat. Each time generating custom source code for your app, plus compiling, linking and emailing it to you. And we manage to do that all in 5 minutes or less – most of the time anyways!
  • You’ve already published over 4,000 Android apps on Google Play. And the apps you’re making just keeping getting better and better.
  • We’ve gone from offering you a handful of powerful app activities to almost 20 now. And we’ve got ideas for dozens more.
  • Apps made with Andromo have served up hundreds of millions of ads.
  • Our downtime can be measured in minutes, and that’s only been due to deploying feature updates so you can make cooler apps.

Like I said, it’s been a crazy fun adventure already, and we’re just getting started.

But, as you no doubt already know, we’re not the sort of people who like to stick with “good enough.”

Heck, we don’t want Andromo to be 2nd best at anything – and that includes being the best value app maker too. So, when you spoke, we listened.

What You Asked For…

  • You asked for an “all the apps you can make” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for an “I keep 100% of the advertising” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “sell as many apps on Google Play as you can make” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “premium/Gold activities for all my projects” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “Google Analytics in all my projects” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.

And of course, you wanted all of those things at a super affordable price…

So we’re going to give it to you.

What We’re Going to Do…

On Monday June 25, Andromo will be switching over to a new developer membership/subscription format. Here’s how it will work.

For only $25/month or $99/year (limited time introductory offer – a savings of $200) you’ll get full access to everything listed below:

  • Make as many apps as you want. Whether you want to make one app or a hundred, it’s all the same price.
  • Use all the activities in Andromo, including what were previously ‘Gold’ activities, like Phone, Email and Contact.
  • Access to all future activities, including Podcast, SHOUTcast Radio, Audio Playlists and PDF Viewer (which were slated to be ‘Gold’ activities) – which will be released shortly!
  • Turn off the advertising in any app you make.
  • Sell any app you make on Google Play.
  • Keep 100% of the advertising space/revenue for yourself instead of just 50%.
  • Enable Google Analytics in all your apps and start understanding your users better.
  • Access to all feature enhancements, bug fixes, improvements, and updates.
  • As long as you keep your subscription active, you’ll be grandfathered in to that pricing plan. So, when we raise the price in the future, you won’t need to worry about it.

All told, it’s a crazy, awesome, amazing deal.

But that’s not all. Every current Andromo developer will be receiving an email when we switch over that will include a one-time offer to sign up for an annual subscription plan at an even further, super discount. How much? Let’s just say you won’t be able to say no to it. It’s just our way of saying thanks to you for your loyalty.

What Happens Otherwise?

First off, don’t worry. Any app you’ve already built is safe and sound. We’re not jerks.

Once you build an app with Andromo, it’s yours. Andromo apps won’t just stop working or anything weird like that.

However, if you want to continue to improve your app, add new features, release a new version of it etc., you’ll need to have an active subscription in order to ‘Build’ the final app (the .APK file). If you don’t – the ‘Build’ button will not work for you.

Consider for a moment that other less-awesome app makers are charging $29 – $99 per month for every app you make. Some of them charge much more than that too. Plus, they’ll shut down your app if you stop paying. In fact, that’s a huge difference between Andromo’s native Android app generation versus a ‘cross platform’ hosted/HTML pseudo-app. We can’t just ‘turn off’ your app remotely – that was a choice we made when we started this whole thing. It’s not fair to you and we don’t support it.

Once you build an app with Andromo it’s yours forever. We’re not here to mess around with you. We know you’ll keep coming back and making apps (and telling your friends and colleagues) if we’re fair, honest and up-front with you…and we keep giving you the best deal anywhere. If we ever don’t live up to that expectation, you can cancel your subscription anytime and we won’t bill your next payment. It’s that simple.

What if I Already Purchased a Gold Upgrade for One of My Apps?

We’ve got your back. We’ll automatically upgrade your whole account to a paid-up annual subscription for whatever time is left on your Gold package, plus we’ll tack on an extra three months for free.

Think of it as getting Gold upgrades for all the apps you have in your account, as well as any other apps you decide to make in the future. Plus, you’ll also be able to receive 100% of the advertising revenue, rather than just 50%.

Final Thoughts…

So, to sum it up – we know you’re going to get a ton of value out of Andromo’s new subscription format. We know you’ll make more than you’ll pay us. But, hey! – That’s just the way we roll…

Thanks for all the great times so far, and here’s to many more.


Colin Adams, President
Indigo Rose Software Corp
– the guys who bring you Andromo… 🙂