Before the coming of technology, doing some tasks required a lot of time. People spent more energy broken down into simple tasks with the input of technological tools and equipment. These tools assisted people’s effort. Gradually, people began to have the best results. This is due to the joint effort of man and technology.
Still, many persons are not aware of these exciting and exciting benefits from using some of these tools. Some prefer to go about their normal activities manually.

For instance, let’s take a situation whereby you have to plan an event; it will be almost impossible to keep track of things manually. Imagine having to keep a detailed record of time, dates, and equipment or make other necessary preparations without flaws.

This will be a challenging task, and there is a likely possibility that an issue will arise. However, it is very much possible that with the use of an event app, you can worry less about any flaw.

The event app takes a detailed record and care of registration and planning. It can either be an event planning app or an event registration app. The event app will cater to and take care of anything regarding your events’ planning and registration. It does not much physical energy and time, as one would have done when doing the tasks manually.

That is why, at Andromo, we’ve come up with this short but detailed article about event Android app that will save you some stress and energy. The app will take care of events registrations and planning. You can register people for your events and communicate with them from the confines and comfort of your home.

What is an Event Android App?

An event android app is an app that allows you to create, plan, and update events for people to follow. With an event Android app, one gains access to a broader audience and can engage them. Another quite exciting feature of an event planning app is that you can simultaneously communicate and engage more than one audience at the same time. Andromo has an Event template. You can easily choose it and replace your content with your own and easily customize it to suit your brand.

To create the best event app for yourself, they are certain things that should be done beforehand. These things make and give you a clear vision of what you need your event app to do for you.

You must have outlined your event aim and objectives. Also, a budget must have been prepared with a planning committee on the ground handling different aspects of the event. Very importantly, you must have booked a venue for your event and as well picked a date.
Having the things stated above, you can now proceed to have an event app.

How to create an event app

Creating an event app is a straightforward thing to do. In short, you do not need to have any expertise or unique skill in coding before you can create your event app. Follow the necessary steps outlined below;


First and for most, you need to decide on the type of app layout you want. After choosing your app layout, also ensure it as very much appealing to see.


Secondly, you can also include any additional features as you deem fit. Notable features you can have for your event planning app are Videos, Photos, Push Notifications, reviews, Contact, etc.


Lastly, after you might have created your event app, the next thing to do is publish and make it available on different platforms; iTunes, Google play store, where the general public will have access.

How to Create an Event on Facebook App.

This means that developers can use Facebook activity, insert their Facebook link, and make all necessary arrangements. The idea is that all planning of events or events registration can be made on Facebook. Andromo app only acts as a mediator.

Benefits of an Event App.

The benefits of an event android app cannot be undermined. However, to mention a few, some of the benefits include but are not limited to;


It is time and cost-effective. It saves stress and energy, and it is also affordable. You need no vast capital or particular skill to own one.


It is simple to operate. Communication is also made easy regardless of the difference in geographical location. Despite the quantity and location of your audience, you can communicate and engage them.


Optimized user engagement and customer experience. With an event planning app, you have access to a broader range of audiences. You also get to engage them with the help of the app features. Regardless of meeting and engagement being over the app, you can still engage and effectively communicate.

Why You Should Create an App With Andromo Brand.

With the Andromo brand, you can promote your events and facilitate your customers and audience meeting you. More reasons why you create an app with Andromo are as follows;

1. It doesn’t take much time. It is just a matter of seconds for your event planning app to be ready. It also has real-time changes where you don’t necessarily have to re-install your app before editing and updating it.
2. You do not need to have a particular skill in coding or any other engineering skill before creating an app. The process has been made easy. You also have access to unlimited push notifications where you can send alerts to your audience.
3. With an event planning and registration app, you can monetize it and begin to earn money.
4. You even get an unsolicited promotion of your event app, which will rank your app on various app stores. This promotion will also facilitate you to reach your targeted audience quickly.

With Andromo, we can build your app for you in a customized way just as you want it. Without any coding skills, your app will be ready in a matter of minutes. Our custom design and attractive features give your app an excellent chance to stand out successfully and also allows you to earn from it.