Education android app Template

It is impossible to deny the positive influence that android educational apps have on learning. Over the years, online learning platforms have become more popular both inside and outside classrooms. Educational apps such as education city app android, have made teaching and learning more interactive, engaging, immersive, and fun.

Digital learning has become increasingly relevant in today’s world. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, there was an upsurge in the download of educational apps. The App Store saw an increase from 291 million downloads in 2019 to 470 million downloads in 2020, while Google play store downloads went up from 351 million in 2019 to 466 million. The market is projected to grow to USD 280.08 billion by 2027. This goes to show that there is a growing need for online educational resources.

Andromo is now partnering with teachers, lecturers, and coaches to create education apps for students through our education android app template. If you are teacher, or coach? Even without a coding background, you can make the perfect app for your students in just a few easy steps. Our platform believes in enhancing education and helping educators create passive income.

Why you should create an education app

Educational apps cover a variety of subjects and incorporate different learning styles. They can cater to the needs of kindergarten, high school, college, and postgraduate students. They can be used for corporate training as well.
Educational apps enable teachers to set learning goals and keep students motivated. Android apps for special education ensure that students with dyslexia, autism, and visual impairment have access to learning aids. Students have a chance to learn at their own pace in a relaxed environment.

But why should you create android educational apps?


To promote the use of new learning techniques.

Traditional methods of teaching can get boring over time. With e-learning, you can incorporate fun games and activities to enhance learning and retention. With time, you can make updates and add more activities.


To enhance parent-teacher communication.

It’s not always easy for parents and teachers to interact daily. Through the use of educational apps, parents can keep track of their children’s progress throughout the year. Teachers and parents can have regular and transparent discussions on education.


To make online resources available to students.

Mobile learning cannot be effective without adequate reading resources. Mobile apps give students access to online course books, studies, and research papers.


To ensure that kids can access lessons 24/7

App learning is not subjected to time constraints like schools are. Learners can access material at any time during the day. They can use their leisure time to get assignments done or learn new concepts.


Monetize your app and make money.

One key reason why you should make your educational app into a reality is to build your passive income while teaching. Once you create an app with Andromo, you can make money by hosting ads.

Andromo educational app features.

There are hundreds of educational mobile app templates in the market. Your app needs to stand out and provide value. With Andromo, you can create a unique learning experience. Let’s have a look at some of the app features our education android app template has to offer.


Live video stream.

Creating a live stream video of all your classes gives absent students a chance to participate in your lectures. All you need to do is:
Get recording equipment
Prepare your content
Ensure you have a stable internet connection
Record your video.
You can also save videos of past classes for students to view later on.


Add educational resources.

An online educational app acts as a virtual classroom. Students should have access to online learning materials. These can be in the form of PDF books, pictures, and tutorial videos. These can all be included in your app to provide a seamless experience. Consider giving students access to a cloud database with additional resources, materials, information, and guidance. Essentially, the teaching potential of a mobile app is unlimited.


Information sharing

Running a virtual classroom effectively is highly dependent on communication. Teachers need to share class schedules, assignments, deadlines, and other important updates. Your app should also make it possible for students to ask questions, have discussions, and share their concerns.


Sharing feature

With Andromo, you can include a sharing feature that allows students to post their newfound knowledge on social media platforms. By sharing, they can enrich their learning by starting discussions and experiencing different viewpoints.

How to create an education app with Andromo

Most educators without a coding background often give up on the idea of creating an educational app. With Andromo, you can create a world-class educational app that meets all your consumer’s needs. We offer an Education android app Template that enables you to build an app in a few steps. All you need to do is:


Sign up to create a new app. Create an account and include a few details before you begin.


Select and add exciting activities and useful features and styles such as live stream videos, audio, documents, and maps.


Finish your set up and get your app. Once the setup is complete, you will receive your app via email, ready to be uploaded on google play store.

In conclusion

Educational apps have changed the learning landscape and added value to students across the globe. The market is still growing. You have a chance to create a one of a kind educational app for your students.
The emergence of android apps for special education has seen millions of special needs students get the academic assistance they require.
If you are ready to make the education app of the century, Andromo is the right platform to make your ideas come to life.