Instruction on how to make a video app for Android and monetize it.

If you are reading this, you have realized that app building is a goldmine nowadays. And you want to catch the wave. The first choice you face is – how exactly to build an app? You may code it yourself. If you don’t have any professional programmer skills, it will take time and cost money. Another option is hiring a team of coders. Again, you can trust your intuition, but nobody guarantees that you will find a perfect match from the first try, so it unsurprisingly boils down to time and money. Or you may choose the most straightforward way – an app builder.

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Video app with andromo, a platform that helps beginners create apps for Android without coding. After registering and buying a monthly or annual subscription, you concentrate on your app concept, content, and activities – as for the rest, Andromo constructs ingredients into a ready-to-use app for you.

Success with Andromo

Before you switch to the next step, monetizing, think over the type of a content app you would like to create. Will it be a database of images (like wallpapers), or selected sounds (ringtones, for instance)? One more cool idea would be creating an app with video content – in a few minutes, we will explain why.

It is a well-known fact that building an app is only half a success. If you are creating your app to earn from it later, there are several things you should take into account.
Start overthinking a money-making strategy at the very beginning, before you have actually developed your app. Planning upfront is essential because you should know which game you play in. It may seem strange, unfitting, and ruin the user’s interaction experience with the app when it is done later.

When it comes to monetization, you have three fundamental options. The most obvious is selling your application. Actually, it is not the best case for beginner developers, because it will be complicated to create a value of your brand new product and share it with the audience so that users will be ready to pay for downloading an unknown object. The second offer is in-app purchases, which is currently not available for Andromo based applications. But with the coming platform update, this possibility will be added. And number three is implementing advertising inside the app. The task here is challenging but accessible – you draw a person’s attention and run promotions while he/she is using the app.

Here is a shortlist of advertising opportunities for applications:


A static banner. It gives users a first impression of your product or company.

An interstitial ad. You put it on a transition between pages; it can be turned off after a while by pressing X-button.

A rewarded video. Almost the same as the previous type. After watching such videos until the end, a user gets a prize in the app.

A native ad. This ad category is relevant to the app's primary content, and it is undistinguished from the original pieces of content.

Today, developers who create apps with Andromo can launch banners and interstitial ads through their applications. But as you already know, the platform renewal is coming – so soon you will also be able to suggest your advertisers two other advertising options.

Again, it all spins around the user’s attention – you catch it, hold it, show him/her ads, and get paid for it. Nobody restricts you from creating multiple apps – with graphic content, audio content, and video content. Multiply your winning chances.


Video applications masterfully catch user’s attention. Moreover, a person is motivated to use the app more often (do you remember your series addiction life periods? What was that, Game of Thrones, 13 Reasons Why, or Friends?). Suppose you look at this from a different perspective. In that case, you notice that advertisers are ready to pay twice or twenty times more for placing their promotions in video apps compared to other content applications. YouTube is a fantastic example: the YouTube ad is definitely the most expensive (in contrast with Facebook campaigns or Google AdWords). This is only because of video content – the most entertaining and loved by users one. The more involved in the watching process audience is – the more conversions advertisers get – regard it as a perfectly good news piece in terms of your passive income.

The video makes users spend more time in the app. They get back to the application repeatedly – if the series or a game stream is being watched. That is how the user’s behavior and habits influence your app rotation in an app store rating. Your app position is swiftly flying up the top list.

How to make a video player app in Android? Speaking of video apps, currently, for Andromo based applications, it’s impossible to upload video files directly. Here is a solution for how to add videos on an Android app. You choose Website activity, go to the Сontent section – and link users to any files you want. Moreover, we are excited about the coming platform update. There will be added an internal YouTube activity, among other options, which allows playing a video inside the app without jumping into external resources. In addition to the video app monetization topic, you will be able to run promotions right there, without leaving the app area.

Another cool option is gamer streams. Here, you can use Twitch and select popular gamers according to the regions where you will promote your app. The next move – you paste links to their live streams directly into Website activity – and the stream will be available in your app. You can experiment with the best streams of the year compilations, create your hit parade, etc.

We only have one thing left – to motivate you and repeat you how to monetize your video Android app. Remember that the key to success hides in the general concept of video and users’ attitude to it. Videos will always be a magnet for your app. Your task is to use this magnet wisely and to benefit from it every single day.