Do You Have a Translation for Us?

By March 18, 2014No Comments

After writing a blog post yesterday [建立您自己的Android应用 (Are Translations Important?)] I started thinking about the languages that I used for the non-English examples (Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Russian) and that it wasn’t necessarily fair to only use those examples given the global nature of the internet and mobile technology.

In the last month has had visits from 368 different language locales and 222 different countries. So speakers from a lot of different languages visit our website, and in acknowledgement of that diversity I would like to open up that blog post to anyone who can translate the text from our main page into another language. Not all of the text is necessary just the text that appeared in that blog post:

Create Your Own Android Apps

No coding required. Andromo is so easy to use, anyone can do it!

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If you can translate that text into another language (including Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and Russian as I just used Google Translate!) leave the translated text in a comment below and I will add it to the previous post crediting you for the translation.