“My apps were making over $5,000 USD per month. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, I was consistently making between $10,000 and $18,000 USD per month.”

This Andromo Developer requested that his story be published anonymously as he does not want to be identified.

Before discovering Andromo, I was working in a job which I didn’t really like. I started as a computer technician and slowly worked my way up to IT management. As years passed by, I grew tired of solving problems all day long so I started to explore the entrepreneurial path.

An accidental opportunity

During a visit to the US in 2011, I noticed that literally everyone was hooked on their phones and tablets. People on buses, trains and airplanes just couldn’t stop staring at their screens. I’m from the EU and at the time this “epidemic” wasn’t as widespread here as it was in US so it was a big shock for me. I thought to myself I should start making apps ASAP.

I started dabbling with custom coded apps in mid-2012, but the whole process was very time consuming and expensive – coding, quality control, implementation of ad networks, analytics, etc. I hired a developer for the work I didn’t know to do myself. But even then, just releasing an app didn’t automatically make it a success. So I needed something to test my ideas faster and cheaper.

Discovering Andromo

In late 2012 I discovered Andromo. I was looking for online app makers and after evaluation all the big ones, Andromo was a clear winner. The pricing schema was the best in the business – it was affordable and everything was unlocked and available in the “PRO plan”, which was still cheaper, than most entry plans from the competitors. Not only that, Andromo’s user interface and the options available were also the best. And, because I worked with custom coded apps, I came to appreciate the quality of Andromo apps, which is something that people who don’t work on their own apps can even understand. Andromo’s quality is second to none.

Now that I had an Andromo PRO subscription, the process of making apps became a lot more streamlined. I started to release apps in many categories. I also used the Custom HTML feature a lot – it immensely expands the possibilities of Andromo made apps – and after 6 months some of my apps started to get momentum.

I quit my job

In 2013 I was able to quit my job and work on apps full time. By the end of 2013, my apps were making over $5,000 USD per month. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, I was consistently making between $10,000 and $18,000 USD per month. I got noticed by Google and they started to assign me various managers, I got a lot of free promotion on the Google Play store, I got invited to exclusive events, other companies like Huawei started to notice my apps and they offered me deals etc. It was a very exciting time.

In 2017, I was still working on apps, but I also realized that it’s time to invest some money, because inflation is always eating away its value. While I was listening to a blockchain related TED talk, I got very interested and decided to invest some money in the crypto blue chips. The rest is history.

Living the life I only dreamed of

In the past, I used to work 12 hours per day but with frequent pauses, exercise, etc. – you need to keep it healthy. But nowadays I work only 4-5 hours per day and the rest of my time is spent with my family and on my hobbies. I also shifted my focus to e-commerce, because I always dreamed of having a physical product of my own.

Without Andromo, all this would not be possible. Andromo is only a tool, but without this tool and the great team behind it, I would never be able to work on apps the way I did. My gratitude to them is endless.


This client requested that his story be published anonymously as he does not want to be identified. If you’re still on the fence, it’s time to get off the sidelines and get to work. There is still a lot of opportunity. Sign up for a PRO Plan.

Mwenge Ngona

Mwenge Ngona

Head of Marketing at Andromo. Without marketing, we would never know anything about anything. Think about that. We'd be missing out on life!