Do you have an idea for developing your android app? Are you having a hard time learning the required programming languages to become proficient in creating business-standard android apps? Not anymore, you shouldn’t!

You can now build your android app from start to finish without writing a single line of code or even knowing any programming language. With mobile app builders, you can build high-quality native android applications and integrate various app-standard and customized features. There are currently thousands of professional apps in the android app store (Google Play Store) created from scratch to finish using these platforms.

With mobile app builders, your dreams and ideas can finally take off in grand style. Here’s how you can use the platforms to build your Android App.

The App Building Process

What’s Your App Idea?

The first step to building your android app is also one of the most critical steps. What services or solutions do you want to offer with your app?
Have an overall idea of the purpose of the app and the features which should be included. You may need to write down these ideas to have a concise goal.

An excellent idea would be to review and consider apps offering similar services to your dream app. This review is sure to lend a different perspective and sharpen your ideas.
Creating and refining your idea is essential because it saves time and gives a more relevant result.

Select a Mobile App Builder

Now that you have defined your goal, the next step is to choose an ideal app builder. Today, there are many great app builders for designing professional apps. However, Andromo stands out as one of the most renowned.

Why Andromo?

Andromo is a web-based Android App Maker platform that helps you create any native app you want. It’s a highly preferred option because of its easy app building process. At the simple click of a button, you can create an Andromo project and be well on the way to building your first app.
App owners prefer Andromo for a couple of reasons. Here are some of them


Anyone can build an app with Andromo. It’s an easy and swift process without the need for any coding skills.


The platform is preloaded with customizable themes and features.


It’s a reputable and trustworthy platform with over 800,000 apps on Google Play Store already.


The subscription fee is relatively cheaper than most competitors.

As a result, our app development process below will mirror Andromo’s app-creating steps. Therefore, after selecting Andromo as your preferred app builder, sign up with the platform, and create a project.

Pick a Template

Andromo is prefilled with various content templates on some of the most popular themes. These include Spiritual, Wallpapers, Sounds and Ringtones, Recipe, Inspire, Music, Fashion, and many more.

Your app will likely fall under one of the above templates. Select the closest fitting template, and begin building your app.

Another available template is the blank theme option. Choose a blank theme if you want to create your app from scratch. The blank option is fitting for unique ideas.

Integrate Features and Activities

Every Andromo’s templates are already integrated with various features and activities. Some of the most popular activities integrated into these apps include a Custom page, Photo Gallery, Audio player, YouTube, Facebook, HTML-archive, About, Contact, Map, Google play, etc. You can also add income generating features such as Ads.
Add your preferred activities and modify them to match your preferences.

Interface and General Settings

After you’re done creating the app’s content, the next step is to set up its interface. You can optimize the outlook of your app to give a view unique to your app. But, it’s vital to do so in an aesthetically appealing manner.
From the app’s interface, attend to general settings on the app, such as selecting a suitable icon (preset or customized), naming your app, and the Privacy Policy.

App Monetization

App monetization is another essential feature to integrate with your app after taking all the app development steps. Here’s why.

Users today are typically hesitant to pay for apps. As a result, putting up your app for sale may not quickly yield a great result. However, with app monetization strategies, you can make considerable income from your mobile app, and Andromo makes that easy. The platform’s integration with Google’s AdMob makes it straightforward to earn income from digital ads.

AdMob is a mobile advertising platform owned by Google. With the platform, app developers can generate income with their apps displaying user-targeted digital ads. Andromo integrates with AdMob, offering app monetization features, such as ad banners, interstitial ads, and videos.
You can take advantage of Andromo’s platform by building a professional android app with customized features and also earn money from it.

Publishing Your App in Google Play

After completing the app development process, your final Andromo application file will be emailed to you. You’ll need the file with some of the following items to publish your app in Google Play.


App name (Not more than 30 characters)


App description (Not more than 4000 characters)


Your icon, which has to be a high-resolution file of 512 x 512 (PNG)


Screenshots of the internal workings of the app. You can upload a minimum of two and a maximum of 8 screenshots.

Register for a Google Play developer account, and upload the APK file. Then, complete all other requirements where necessary. Information such as app title, description, contact info, etc. will be requested. Fill in all this information and submit.
Getting approval from Google to publish your app in its play store may take about a week. Your dreams are finally coming alive.