We couldn’t be more honoured!

Andromo App Maker for Android was just featured in the BlackBook Magazine article titled: A ROBUST ROSTER: THE BEST NEW ANDROID APPS

Bonnie Gleicher writes:

Usher in the beginning of spring with seven of the best new android apps on the market. Find a spot under the shade of a tree, grasp that ‘droid in your hand, and just press “install.” Soon, you’ll be playing the trombone, managing your TiVo, and creating your own app. Ah, the good life.

It’s a very cool magazine and Andromo is featured alongside some very lofty names, including: MyLife, Tivo, Vimeo, and Wikipedia. What a roster!

What did they have to say about Andromo App Maker for Android? You’ll have to go read the article, but here’s a little taste:

… Andromo, coined “The App Maker for Everyone,” is a platform where you can create and customize your app’s appearance and add features like YouTube videos, Flickr galleries, social media feeds, and more. Whether you’re a business owner, musician, student, or podiatrist, Andromo gives you the space to communicate and promote whatever idea you have and add it to the Android Market for sharing. …

Go check it out. Heck, get a subscription while you’re there! Anyone who loves Andromo is good people in my books. 🙂 Thanks Bonnie and BlackBook!

Then when you’re done reading, why not start making your own Android app at https://www.andromo.com. It’s free and it’s easy to do – there’s no coding required!

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