App creation without coding

You want to be outstanding. You want to change the world. You want to start small. You want to create an application that would simplify daily routine, inspire billions of people and at the same time that would be a huge database of unique useful or entertaining content. You have no slightest idea how and where to start. Do not fall into desperation here. During the next fifteen minutes we will gladly answer all of your questions..

Let us bring you some general value of apps. It is a well-known fact that nowadays a record high amount of traffic relates to cell phones – in other words, people prefer watching Netflix from their mobile devices rather than from the browser. People watch top five life hacks on how to cook barbecued pork on a YouTube app rather than read an extremely long article. And this rule is true for the absolute majority of spheres where we search for information or entertain ourselves.

So as far as we take this consumer habit into account, we should adjust to this new reality. And you know what? Apps help. They are much faster, much easier to orientate, much nicer to look through. So quite a logical question may have occurred in your head at this point – how to create an application online?

There are minimum three ways to do that.

The first and the most obvious option is to become a programmer by educating yourself – this will work 100 percent, but will also definitely take a lot of time and cost you big money. The second option is hiring professional coders – unfortunately, nobody guarantees you will find a perfect executor from the very first shot – and in the end it also leads to money and spent time. The third point – you create applications by yourself without specific knowledge. How is that even possible?

Here you are officially allowed to have a breath of huge relief. You do not need tons of specific programmer knowledge to create an application for android. Surprised?

There exist a number of platforms aimed to help an ordinary person become an app maker. They remind of a constructor which collects separate blocks and details you need into something holistic. All you need is to clearly understand the idea of your app and to choose matching content. The rest is a task for a platform. None of them is more practical and multi functional than It is a place which quickly constructs various types of apps. has been a leader on the market for more than ten years in a row since it was first invented, and today it is the most actively developing. As for now, it gives an opportunity to create applications online for Android. But in the near future the platform is fundamentally updating adding a possibility to make IOS apps as well.

Before we switch to the main part, we give you a brief introduction of two types of apps depending on their aims and content. The first category is called a small business app. Those apps literally substitute call centers, secretaries, hostesses etc. They automatically solve problems and answer questions that are normally solved and answered vocally and physically, by real people on the next end of a phone call. As for a user, they streamline the whole process of searching for any information about a company or a product. As for a business, they not only help servicing new clients, but also automatically collect information about them, remember their choices and answers, and keep their contact details.

The second category is content app. Here users can find various types of content that match their request. Video, audio, text files, pictures – only uniqueness and relevance of the content defines whether the app succeeds or not. And of course you can monetize successful content apps and earn money shom placing and showing advertising banners there.

Here are some basic steps of coming up with the concept of your future app.


Do a research of app ideas - what should it be about, what should it contain, why should people choose it among analogues.

Think of a style of your app - what would the interface look like? Will it be nice and simple? Or multi oriented and sophisticated? Again, do not forget about the target audience of your future apps. Nothing exists just because - find a reason why your app is worth public attention.

Create a project of your app on Carefully overthink naming your app - the name should reflect a general message of your app to the audience.

Identify core values of your app and direct all the content of this future app to its philosophy - this will help people with the same interests find your app.

Add activities - this will functionalize your future app for the user.

Build - it is a process that transforms your Andromo project into an Android app ready to be downloaded and used.

Pay a bit of your attention to the video below. It provides you with detailed instructions and manuals on how to create an app using and how later to monetize it. By the way, the perspective of earning money from your apps gives a lot of motivation, doesn’t it?

In order to start creating apps on Andromo, you just have to register, go through a test drive on a two week trial period – and buy a subscription.

Here you will have to choose between two subscription options – monthly and annual package. With an annual plan you will have a 25% discount compared to monthly one.

Each package also has its own price gradation depending on opportunities they supply you with.


$ 10

per month

Hobbyist is the most affordable
– 10$ per month or 96$ per year (which equals 8$ per month).
It is a perfect option for you if you would like to develop apps as a hobby – for instance,
for a specific social group (school, church, another community) or for personal needs.


$ 28$

per month

Pro is the package that leads the trending list. The price here is 28$ per month or 252$ per year
(which is 21$ per month).
It is perfect for developing lovely content apps and launching advertising inside the app. The possible number of apps you create here and an amount of space for them is limited.


$ 48

per month

Ultra is an advanced package.
It costs 48$ per month or 432$ per year
(or 36$ per month).
It supplies developers with plenty of unique marketing opportunities.
You will also have unlimited number of projects and unlimited amount of space for them.

To conclude. Creating an app actually IS as simple as it sounds. Do not restrict yourself on your way to success. Just give it a try!