Why you should make an app

There are many different reasons you might choose to make an app, but they generally fall into four basic categories:

1. Making money

A lot of Android developers are entrepreneurs seeking to profit by making apps. Whether the goal is a little extra “fun” money on the side, or a full blown career as an app maker, these developers want to make apps that will generate an income.

The good news is that it is very possible to make money with apps — in fact, many Andromo developers are making thousands of dollars each month.

In a recent survey of Andromo users, 11% said they are making above $1000 per month by showing ads or charging money for their apps!

2. Promoting your brand/product

Apps can make excellent promotional tools.

Having an official app helps demonstrate that you are a modern, connected company. When people search for your brand in Google Play, you want an app to be there in order to catch those highly motivated users. A well designed app can give you access to this pool of motivated fans.

The best promotional apps provide a wealth of information about your product or service, along with direct access to your latest news, YouTube videos, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. They give your users quick access to all of your contact information, and use attractive graphics to reinforce your branding.

Andromo is well suited to building promotional apps for restaurants, photographers, bands, or anyone with a marketable product or service. A high quality app can be created within hours without any knowledge of programming or complex logic involved. The end result is a fully native Android app that demonstrates your commitment to quality.

With full access to Google Analytics, you can also learn important information about your mobile customer base, such as where your app is used the most.

3. Giving back / Providing a free service

Some app developers want to contribute something back to the world by making apps that others can use. Having benefited from such apps in the past, they want to “pay it forward” by creating a free app of their own.

Or they might have expertise in an area they think others would benefit from, but that they don’t want to monetize, or can’t — for example, because they are a non-profit enterprise.

Andromo puts this kind of not-for-profit development into the hands of generous individuals by removing the need to find programmers willing to work for free.

4. Having fun (Hobby)

For some developers, making apps is a fun hobby, a creative outlet that lets them flex their design skills or just make apps to impress their friends. Coming up with ideas for apps, and finding new ways to promote them, are interesting challenges.

It can also be quite thrilling to watch your stats as the number of downloads increase day by day.

5. All of the above

Of course, many apps get made for more than one reason. You might want to provide a free service to build your reputation, or to promote your other apps. Or you might want to make money with your apps to support a favorite charity. Or you might start out making apps for fun, and decide that you enjoy it so much you want to make it your full time occupation.

About Andromo

Andromo is a website that lets anyone turn an idea into an Android app. It auto-magically transforms simple online settings into custom Java source code, compiling and linking it using Google’s official Android SDK. You get a stand-alone, native Android app that follows the Android design guidelines and is indistinguishable from an app that was coded by hand.

If you can use the web, you can use Andromo to turn your ideas into successful Android apps.


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