Android Application Development Without Coding

If you’re struggling to code or no desire to learn programming and yet you still want to create and deploy native Android Apps for your customers, start-up, or business, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn the benefits of Android Application Development without coding.

That’s not all, maybe you’re already an experienced programmer, and you don’t have time to code your Apps, and you also want to learn how to develop Android Apps and rank your App on PlayStore you will find this article useful.

Key Takeaways

You can build stunning Apps without writing a line of code.You can build and deploy apps, rank them higher than your competition without having a strong foundation in Android mobile App development and programming.You do not have to spend weeks or months creating your Android Apps from idea to deployment.

Benefits of Android Application Development Without Coding

Saves You a Lot of Money

The cost of creating an App can range from a few thousand dollars to about $100000 to $500000, depending on the number of features. Most app development companies will also charge more for maintenance fees and other additional fees. However, Android app development tools do not ask for additional fees, and you can start creating your apps for as low as $28per month and publish on Google and Amazon with custom package name. Another pro tip, Android application development tools, give you the ability to quickly test-run your ideas and monitor their performance and user behavior in the market. Having tested your App, you’d still have enough cash investment for marketing through Facebook ads, YouTube Ads, and even influencer marketing.

Furthermore, every App needs updating to meet user-demand and to create a better and improved interactive experience. With app development companies, you’d have to pay for additional developer hours, which could cost between $61 – $68. With Android application development tools such as Andromo, you can build unlimited Android Apps and update your Android app features as much as you can. All the options for updating your Apps and adding other features and functionalities to your mobile App are already covered within your monthly subscription.The time it will take you to create an App from idea to market can range from four months to six months. But why wait for months to get your App idea up and running? You can get your App idea up and running in less than an hour without writing a line of code and start monetizing your App. With Andromo mobile App builder, you can start monetizing your apps directly through attractive and interactive ads and directly making money on Andromo and Admob. Join over 1million people Andromo App developers today and start earning passive income without writing a single line of code.

The process of creating your App from scratch can even take years if you’re new to programming. The learning curve is very steep, and you have a vast array of languages to learn from both front-end and back-end programming languages that can take a lot of months to become proficient in these languages. However, with mobile App development tools, you can quickly build user-interfaces and add features without a technical background.

Saves time


There are certain security concerns if you’re building your App yourself. These security concerns can range from ransomware, insecure data storage, insufficient encryption, poor communication, and poor user and device authentication. Your App is vulnerable to these security concerns if you’re creating it from scratch. This could cost you a lot of money if you hire a software security engineer to help you handle your mobile App’s security. But with mobile App development tools, you do not need to hire a dedicated security engineer to handle your App’s protection for you. You also do not need to be bothered about ransomware, hacks, and other attacks.

Andromo, for instance, is an Android Application Development platform with over 800,000 plus apps launched on Google Play wit over two billion-plus downloads. So you do not have to worry about the security of your apps since these app builders have standard encryption and secure data-in-transit systems and latest cryptography algorithm technologies that meet modern-day security requirements that ensure that your apps are secure.One of the most significant challenges faced by even experienced mobile App developers and programmers is keeping up with the latest technologies and frameworks. New technologies are continually being released, and old ones are becoming obsolete. New documentations on frameworks are being released, and syntax is regularly being updated. To keep your App up-to-date, you have to keep up with these technologies and frameworks if you’re building on your own. Otherwise, you’d have to pay a developer to update your entire App, and this could mean rewriting a lot of codes, and the cost of upgrading your App could be as expensive as the cost it took you to build your App.

With Android App development platforms, you can easily update your Apps at the click of a button, add new features and functionalities in minutes without writing a line of code, and without learning a new framework.

The overall result you get from using an Android App development tools isba high-quality result.

High-quality results

Easy integration

Imagine having a subscription-based model type of mobile App where you have to integrate payment options provider in your App. Mobile App development tools allow you to easily integrate payment options into your mobile App at a click of a button. You can easily link directly to websites, databases, and other solution providers without troubleshooting and maintenance headaches that come with building your applications from scratch.


Android application development without coding offers numerous benefits. These include the ability to create and deploy your apps within minutes, ease of integration with software solutions, secure app development platform, saves time and cost, and overall high-quality application.


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