Andromo’s New Activities

By September 30, 2011November 19th, 2020No Comments

Over the last few weeks we’ve added two new activities to Andromo, the YouTube activity three weeks ago, and the Flickr activity yesterday.

Both activities are designed to make use of content that you, or others, have uploaded to YouTube or Flickr, and they both work in a very similar manner. You can show content based on user Id’s or construct your own feed URL if you want to does something a bit different or more advanced.

YouTube Activity Settings

Flickr Activity Settings

You can read about creating the custom feed URL’s in the YouTube Video Feeds and Flickr Photo Feeds knowledge base articles.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re hard at work on more activities and more features for your Andromo apps. I’ll try to post a screen shot when our next activity is further along.