Andromo v1.1.0

By September 8, 2011No Comments

Andromo version 1.1.0 has been released.

The following represents a changlog:

  • Feature: The YouTube activity was added
  • Feature: Added the ability for gold members to turn off Andromo information from the About dialog.
  • Feature: Made it so that Andromo apps can be installed on the SD card.
  • Feature: Made it so that the ads on the content pages would disappear after a certain amount of time, on smaller screens.
  • Fixed: Stripped white space from feed URLs to prevent a runtime crash.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where duplicate icons could be seen in RSS media feeds from time to time
  • Fixed: A Compilation error that would happen with ads turned off.
  • Fixed: A bug where the progress would not update when you came back to the Activity.
  • Fixed: A bug where certain characters in the account profile could cause problems when used within apps.
  • Fixed: A crash that would happen when hitting back during an orientation change.
  • Fixed: Multiple errors on the About dialog, where the incorrect icon and developer information was being used.
  • Fixed: A problem with the Website URL where escaped spaces could cause failures.