With over 350 million Android smartphone users, restaurants who want to stay competitive need their own custom app. New Andromo App Maker allows even busy restaurant owners to create a professional Android app with its quick, no coding approach.

Create Android Apps Without Coding - For Free!

Create Android Apps Without Coding - For Free!

(WINNIPEG, MB) – Now restaurant owners can make their own Android app in minutes without spending thousands of dollars on consultant fees. Andromo.com is a free, easy-to-use web service for creating Android apps with no coding required. Restaurants, cafés and bistros can use Andromo to create an app that keeps them connected to loyal patrons and attract new customers.

Andromo users make customized apps by picking and choosing from a list of popular activities. A number of features are ideally suited to the restaurant industry. For instance, restaurant owners can make apps with “phone us” and “email us” activities for taking reservations, and display full dinner menus with the custom page feature. Twitter and Facebook feeds can be embedded into the app to keep patrons instantly updated about promotions and events, and to distribute coupons or discount codes. Andromo’s interactive map activity with built-in navigation can be used to literally lead customers to the restaurant lobby.

With their plates full of other day-to-day business demands, restaurant owners will appreciate Andromo’s easy, no coding approach. A professional, completely customized app can be designed and ready to distribute in under thirty minutes. With no need to hire a developer to design their app, business owners can save thousands of dollars in consultant fees. Restaurants also don’t have to wait weeks to get their app since the Andromo service builds apps in minutes.

“With millions of people looking for places to eat using their smartphones, having an app is not a luxury for restaurants, it’s a must,” says Andromo President Colin Adams. “Because Andromo is free and easy to use, establishments of any size can create their own app and have it ready to go today. They can keep their regulars happy with news and promotions, and spread the word about themselves to new diners.”

Restaurant owners can share their app on their own website, or upload it to Google Play and its audience of millions. An Android app is an essential marketing tool suitable for eateries of all sizes, from local pizza parlors to nationwide restaurant chains.

To sign up to make Android apps for free, you can visit https://www.andromo.com.

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About Andromo App Maker for Android

Andromo is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose has been creating award-winning software development tools since 1991. Their tools have been used to deliver software to hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.