Andromo Hits 4K and gets a Map Activity

By November 2, 2011November 19th, 2020No Comments

We’ve been hard at work on Andromo over the last while fixing bugs and adding new features, so you’ve probably noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet…But that doesn’t mean that Andromo has been quiet, in fact we’ve passed the four thousand user mark and just yesterday we released Andromo version 1.3.0.

The new version of Andromo includes a brand new Map Activity. You can learn more about the Map activity by reading the Map Activity knowledge base article. The Map activity allows you, the developer, to plot multiple locations with titles and descriptions, and allows your users to interact with the map within your app in order to get directions or leave the application and use Google Maps Navigation to navigate to a location, using the phone as a GPS device.

The map is a great activity for store, restaurant, conference, and many other types of Android Apps. It allows you to show the location of your brick and mortar outlets, the hotel where your conference is, or a satellite view of your golf course. If it’s got a location somewhere in the world, you can show it.

Now let’s see some screen shots of the Map activity in action:

Andromo Map Activity

Indigo Rose on the Map

Andromo Map Activity

Google Headquarters

Andromo Map Activity

It would be a long drive

This isn’t the last activity that you’ll see being added to Andromo, we’ve got a few more activities in the works that will hopefully see the light of day in the next few weeks. We want to broaden the scope of what Andromo can do for you and your users. Keep an eye on the Andromo website or this blog for more updates.