The cool articles about Andromo keep on rolling in. Thanks everyone!

Ben Fisher of Android Australia (billed as “For Aussies on ‘Droids” – excellent!) published an article today called:

Andromo: Turn an Idea into an App

Ben keyed in to the awesome uniqueness of Andromo in his article, saying:

Andromo’s unique quality is its ability to produce completely native Android apps. That is, they look as though they’ve been designed professionally: the interface produced feels distinctively Android. The app making process is simple. I created a test app to demonstrate Andromo’s abilities.

He goes on to describe the app making process in some detail. It’s really cool when reviewers get in there and try the service out. He does a great job of covering the main points – that’s sure to be useful to readers.

You’re going to want to go read the full article yourself, but I’ll leave you with one last quote that I really enjoyed:

Andromo is a really exciting idea because it opens up a myriad of possibilities for new apps. Now app developers don’t need to be particularly skilled to produce an app, so many new ideas will be flooding into the industry. Many people have had very creative ideas for apps in the past, but have had no means to act upon them: now they do. It also opens many doors to apps tailored to the individual: because you don’t necessarily have to upload your App to the Showcase, you can create an app for yourself, intended for yourself alone. Expect an influx of more relevant, useful and original apps in the future.

Check out the article at:

While you’re at Android Australia, plan to spend some time browsing the site too. Lots of cool Android related info from some folk who are passionate about Android. Very cool stuff.

Then, when you’re done reading about it, head on over to and start making Android apps – for free – and with zero coding!