The 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is coming up in less than a month and we’re excited to be there. This year is set to see some of the most important innovations in mobile phone technology come to life.

User experience is the central focus. Everything from Artificial Intelligence, 5G Connectivity, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, Industry 4.0, and more is geared toward making the user experience of every smartphone user more reliable, secure and enjoyable.

The Mobile Advertising Space

As the industry standard online Android app maker, Andromo’s going to be there to meet all the advertising networks who’re attending the congress. With 1 million developers and counting, apps built with Andromo are used by over a billion people every single day. We are growing fast and improving our platform by creating innovative ways that enhance the way advertisers reach our large audience. We are consistently building tools that generate more interest in promoted content and stimulate interaction.

#MWC19 Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

The mobile advertising space is the fastest growing market in the advertising industry. More and more people spend a large portion of their day glued to their smartphones. Key to this has been the explosive growth in the app development sector. Mobile applications today are more advanced and immersive than a decade ago. User experience has greatly improved, and use cases have been widely expanded. Today, you can build an app for literally anything. If you can imagine it, then it can be built.

What’s Andromo?

For a long time, only those with advanced technical skills could make apps. Not anymore. With Andromo, anyone can build a mobile app with professional features that can take well-trained developers weeks or months to code. Launched in 2011, we were arguably the very first no coding online mobile app making platforms, and are still leading the way to help ordinary people create the most engaging applications that are loved and enjoyed by billions of people around the world.

Not having developer skills is not a barrier. This opens a wide window for all those who can deliver cool new ideas on the App Market for billions of Android phone users.

Using our free plan with no technical skills or prior experience, anyone can get started right away, and build an app in minutes! We’ve liberalized the app development market.

Each new app launched grows our ecosystem of users and expands our audience. Reach people from all walks of life; young and old, students, professional, business owners, local businesses, global businesses – we’ll deliver your ads to exactly who they’re intended for.

Meet our team at MWC 2019 in Barcelona

Do you want to meet our team at MWC 2019 in Barcelona? We’d be happy to schedule a meeting. Please drop us a line at or fill up the contact form here. Haven’t heard about Andromo before? Click here Learn more about us.

Mwenge Ngona

Mwenge Ngona

Head of Marketing at Andromo. Without marketing, we would never know anything about anything. Think about that. We'd be missing out on life!