Andromo Apps on the BlackBerry Playbook

By February 8, 2012No Comments

The above screenshot is from my Andromo made App European Football News running on the Blackberry PlayBook Simulator.

I have submitted the app to the BlackBerry App World (Blackberry’s version of the Android Market) and I am just waiting for the app to be reviewed and then accepted. Why did I repackage my Andromo Android app for the Blackberry PlayBook?

  1. They are giving away free BlackBerry PlayBooks to anyone who adds their app the the BlackBerry App World before February 13th.
  2. I didn’t have to do anything to my app. I just used the online BlackBerry Android Repackaging tools.
  3. It gets my app onto another platform, and hopefully attracts new users.
  4. Did I mention the free PlayBook offer?

If you are interested in getting a free tablet I would repackage your Andromo app and then submit it to BlackBerry today! Colin has an excellent post (Make an Android App – Get a Free BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet?) full of links and information on how to get started on this. Mohamed Mansour, from RIM, also has a post on Google+ that contains some good information on the subject.

Best of luck.