Dear Andromo Member,

Seven years ago, during the deep dark Canadian winter, we set out to change the way that people create apps [A Brief History of App Crunchiness]. We wanted to democratize the app making process. Make it possible for anyone to create apps, even if they’d never coded a day in their life.

Since then, over 750,000 people have signed up on Together you have built 700,000 projects, performed 1.3 million app builds, and achieved hundreds of millions of installs. Your apps have seen billions and billions of user sessions. Not too shabby for people who “don’t know how to code,” wouldn’t you say?

Today we take the next step.

Indigo Rose Software is excited to announce that Andromo App Maker has been acquired by a private investment group and reorganized under the new company Andromo BV. Based in the Netherlands, Andromo BV brings more financial resources, experience, people and ideas to the table. They are well positioned to strengthen and enhance what everyone knows and loves about Andromo.

Andromo’s mission is still the same: Help people make apps without coding. Give them the tools to start their own app business and never look back. However, there will now be more resources available to improve and expand Andromo. To introduce new services. To make things better, easier and more profitable for app developers.

Customers can expect the switch to be seamless: all projects, apps, logins and customer details will carry over. Any paid subscription time and details will be transferred to and honored by Andromo BV. Customers are their top priority.

Niels Benjamins, newly appointed CEO of Andromo BV, had this to say:

“At Andromo BV we are looking forward to start working with this great platform. We have some awesome plans to make Andromo even more user-friendly and add exciting new features and activities to the platform. Plus, we are going to introduce easier ways to start earning money through the applications you make with Andromo. By giving Andromo the resources and attention it needs, and working closely with all of the content creators who use Andromo (who we see as our partners), we know we can create something truly special together.”

Finally, I’d like to say that none of this would have been possible if not for the amazing rock star programmers here at Indigo Rose (Lorne Laliberte, Darryl Hnatiuk and alumni Mark Mruss), along with all of our loyal customers.

Thanks to all of you for helping to make Andromo awesome.

Here’s to the future! It’s going to be great.


Colin Adams, President
Indigo Rose Software Corporation